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Lame-O Tiki sighting

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This is barely post-worthy, but while I was sick at home yesterday and channel surfing, I spotted a tiki on Gilligan's Island. That might not be so rare, but it was kind of a surprise.
It's the one where they find bits of treasure buried in a cave and a voodoo guy is collecting stuff from each castaway to make voodoo dolls of them. Mr. Howell pays Gilligan and the Skipper to go back into the creepy cave to dig up more goodies, and lo and behold, they dig up a solid gold Moai statue.
I wonder whatever happened to that prop, if anyone from the show kept it. Looks like it might have just been a mug they filled in and painted gold. It was kinda cool.

unfortunately, last night i was up late watching one of those stupid dating shows: "elimi-date" or something.
Anyway, they were at a bar that looked kinda tropical Jimmy Buffet vs tiki, but they were serving drinks in those cool vintage hula bowls that they used at Trader Vic's back in the day. I was blown away!
There seems to be bars (Jardin Tiki being one) out there that are still serving in sexy vintage tiki bowls. VERY encouraging!
Anyone else catch that?

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