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Artist Bob Hale?

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My favorite Mexican restaurant (Paco's Tacos, on Centinela in West LA), aside from having great food and classic decor, has the most gorgeous menu artwork... it's a bold graphic cartoony style, and looks very mid-50s. The artwork was done by an artist named Bob Hale... has anyone here heard of this fellow before, know when he might have done this work, and what other stuff he's done?

Can't seem to find any info on this guy, Humu... I'd love to see scans of the artwork though....


Humu didn't you used to live in seattle? He was a sign painter/commercial artist/cartoonist and was the first cartooning weatherman on Seattle's KING 5 TV in the 50's.


But more interestingly to us would the restaurant work he did for Kelbos.

And then there's the question about the photos Sven was - did Bob Hale do the painting on the sign that was outside the Outrigger during its expansion?

There appears to be a signature at the bottom but I can't read it.

Edit... Sven let me know that the name on the Outrigger sign is Chris S (the rest is illegible)

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oops. double post

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