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Thinkin about stopping by the Hale Hawaii this Saturday

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mmhhhh... haven't had one of those scorpions in awhile. I've talked to the owner there about letting me do a monthly thing, but he is kind of hesitant about it. Wait is hesitant a real word? yeah I think it is... anyways, I would like to do an ultra lounge kind of thing where I can just set up a dJ system and play all kinds of lounge all night long, not just exotica, also some bossanova, marimba, etc, etc... If I can get the owner to agree to this the thing would be free at the door. Basically if I can pack the place with people buying drinks at the end of the night he'll just break me off a piece off the bar. It would be a great place for cocktail parties and such. You know just another excuse to drink but also to at least be in a somewhat cool environment while doing it.

always remember, "The difference between a drunk and an alcoholic is...an alcoholic has to go to meetings."

Sam, where is the Hale Hawaii?

It's in Torrance. I don't have the exact adress on me right now but it's on PCH, between Hawthorne BLVD and Crenshaw, down by a bunch of car dealerships. Sugarlight is going on tomorrow night there, it's all 60's and 70's music, no charge to get in. Dude, believe me, those scorpions kick ass. If you wanna head out there Saturady night gimme a call later on and I'll give you the exact adress.



that place is so grand. it is in a strip mall and all that directs one to it is a small sign and the door. here is a link with a map. http://digitalcity.com/losangeles/bars/venue.adp?vid=151614

have fun and have one for me. look out for that crazy guy at the end of the bar. he is there all the time and is a vet. they call him "O". whatever.


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Hale Hawaii is at 3144 PCH, kinda hidden in a business plaza with a Christian bookstore, bike repair shop, Chinese/Islamic resto and flower shop, among other things. It's so nondescript that if the door isn't open, it's easy to miss!

I (sort of) made the Hale Hawaii suggestion awhile back, but didn't get any bites - I assumed that it was just too small, or there just weren't enough Centralites in the area. Glad to be wrong! Hale Hawaii is a great place and one of my regular haunts. I dragged Johnny and Lady Velour there from PDR (and Long Beach) only to find it closed on a Saturday night; I guess when it's a 'one-man operation' you can just kinda make your own hours...

I whole-heartedly agree with Suicide Sam's assessment of the scorpions: not made with a lot of fanfare, but they are VERY good and VERY sneaky! It's easy to be well into a second (or third) when the first one creeps back up on you and BAM! Very laughter inducing, too, I must say...

S-Sam and Chiki - what time were you guys thinking of? The place can easily become SRO when a band is on, but I don't know what time the entertainment starts tomorrow.

Count me, Z Girl (she's the one contemplating the RDA of vitamins in a Trader Vic Mai Tai in SugarCaddyDaddy's Bash pix...) and Sabu (the Coconut Boy) in for the evening - just let us know a time!

looks like 10 pm or so.

Wish I could go, but have a catering gig for 200 people. Maybe another time. I love the place. Say hello to JJLee for me.

thank U, Drive Thru

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