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Exotica 2005?

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Anyone know if Exotica is gonna happen this year?

I think it is going to be a partnership with the Hukilau this year. No details yet though.

Swanky posted on Sat, Jan 8, 2005 7:44 AM

I don't want to speak for either party, but, while there was some consideration of holding Hukilau in Chicago, it was decided to stay in Fort Lauderdale.

Exotica is happening as far as I know, but what scale and what it will all entail is still being worked out.


The story is this:

Exotica 2003 was planned by a large group of people, and it was agreed by all that there were too many chefs in the kitchen.

No one did Exotica in 2004, because (from my perspective) everyone who had been involved with Exotica 2003 was waiting to see if 'the other' people did the event.

So, at the end of the day, no one did the event at all!

I considered taking the intiative and doing Exotica 2005, but something more intriguing came along for me, so I will be focusing on that (details soon).

Last I heard, the Carters and Lawrences were contemplating taking over the reigns of the event, but I can't tell you what their plans are. I am sure they'll chime in here soon enough.

I for one am looking forward to whatever they cook up, if anything, and it'll be nice to be a 'civilian' at an event for the first time in a while!

And yes, Swanky is 100% correct, there was a discussiion of holding Hukilau in Chicago, you all saw the long thread about that, but this idea has been officially nixed.



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