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Tiki-Made-Easi ??????

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$15,000??? Seems like he might be overestimating the demand for hassle-free tiki torches. Could it just be a prank?

Reminds me of when I was an industrial designer. People were always coming to me with their million-dollar ideas. I always told 'em, sure, I'll work on it - as soon as you secure $100,000 for the tooling and manufacturing. That quiets 'em down real fast.

Someone needs to inform that ebayer that the going rate for ideas is 12 for 10 cents.

Actally I think it's cool that we have a forum (ebay) where people can post stuff like this. It may seem odd now but in the future it may be the way to shop around patents, ideas, prototypes, and whatnot.

Think of it this way: you will never sell an idea if you keep it to yourself. This guy is at least trying! :wink:



And I'm posting a really cool old bridge for sale on eBay soon. A big orange metal one, you might have seen it. Please bid on it!

Actually I'm all for this kinda entrepenuership (sp?), too. He said he has a patent, but doesn't say what kind. There are different types and some are as easy to get as filling out a couple forms.

But more power to him. I've seen people put thousands of hours and dollars into products that went nowhere because maybe the ideas weren't as brilliant as they thought. Commerce is a harsh mistress.


"No more MaD TiKi for you!"

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I read this and gave it some thought. I also ran it by "my people". This might not be such a bad idea. Maybe you could modify this and retro-fit and adapt your favorite tiki mug to this automatic injection system. Then you could hook it up and re-fill your favorite drinking vessel with your choice of grog without ever spilling a drop or missing a drink. On the other hand... if you think it's too time consuming to fill the tiki torches and too messy...maybe you shouldn't have 'em...that or have one less mai-tai prior to the lighting ceremony.

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