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ANNOUNCEMENT: Tiki Central House Rules

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Okay, I've been working on this on and off for a while. It started with simply putting in writing the no-spam policy. But I went ahead and included more stuff (perhaps too much stuff).

So now we have some house rules for posting on Tiki Central. It may be too many rules. It may scare newbies from posting. I'm not sure. We can always change them. Let me know what you think.

For the rules on Collecting Tiki and Tiki Events, they are written as guidelines that I hope people will follow, and the goal is to just organize Collecting Tiki a little better so it's easier to see the eBay auctions. I'll post more about this in the Collecting Tiki forum.

The rules are available from any page, at the top, under the "house rules" link.

Here's a link to them, too:


As always... let me know what you think! If they're silly, too hard to understand, or just right, just let us know! We'll get all the kinks worked out soon!


PS.. if you broke any of these rules in the past, don't worry about it. They weren't posted before, so how were you to know?!?

as long as you dont go overboard an become a Tiki Fascist I don't think anyone will have a problem. Most people already had a good Idea of what To post and what not to post I think that it was a good Idea to put some "rules" as gides.

Tiki Fascists =bad


!!!!!!!????The rules look good to me??????!!!!!!!!!

Jus' kidding!

There are two reasons why I'm asking people not to post extra characters:

  1. The majority of Edits I've had to make to messages is when people do that and it causes the website to stretch out really wide (wider than some people's screens) because no word-wrapping kicks in on it.

  2. Subjects should be informative; they shouldn't need extra characters to draw attention to them.


PS Jab... did you ever get my email I sent you a month or two back? I can resend it if you didn't ...


thejab posted on Mon, Oct 7, 2002 1:59 PM

Hanford, could you resend it? I don't recall getting an email from you.

Extra characters like multiple exclamation marks are a pet-peeve of mine actually. It seems like the few Ebay sellers that I have had problems with in the past ended every line with "!!!" and often use all capitol letters. In email ettiquete using all caps is the equivalent to yelling.

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