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Sabay Bar, Koh Chang (Island), Thailand (bar)

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Name:Sabay Bar
Street:White Sand Beach
City:Koh Chang (Island)

Large Tiki bar set over two floors with plenty of seating at the bar and tables inside and thai style mats to sit on outside on the beach. There is also astage and small dancefloor.
Only open for about a year Everything is in good condition with plenty of handcarved wooden tikis around.

First things first- Yes it is still there!
It's on an Island in the Gulf of Thailand, close to the Cambodian border and was therefore protected.
Found this place totally by chance, anjy and I were staying at some huts just down the beach for the night, whilst on our way elsewhere. Just to let you know, apart from the few resorts that have sprung up recently, this is one of Thailands more untouched islands and still fairly basic. It's aNational Park and they say the island looks similar to Maui.
We were walking down the main steet paralell to the beach when I noticed Tiki type thing out the corner of my eye down an alleyway.
Sure enough after following it we found ourselves at the Sabay Bar feeling pretty shocked at finding it.
The place is great, situated right on the beach, 20 ft from the waters edge. The place is decorated like atrue tiki bar ther are afew Thai touches here and there but so there should.
The tikis were excellent, I don't know who carved them?
Though they didn't have a cocktail menu that I saw the drinks were cheap and the bar staff helpful.
I spoke to the owner, ayoung Thai guy and asked him about the place and he answered me like he didn't know what a tiki bar was(wiered), but it was designed and built by a guy from Bangkok.
Heres some photos I hope they do it justice.

From the waters edge

entrance to the toilets


Tiki in alleyway

Moai outside

Bar and Dj booth

wall detail

Has anyone else been here?

I forgot to say before anyone else notices. A lot of the designs do seem to have been pinched from elsewhere.

The island of the coconut trees is third largest island of Thailand and my favorite place is well.

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My second time on Koh Chang and this time I remembered to bring a camera, The Sabay bar is still going, last time I was there it was being painted and refurbished but it was still quiet and almost shut this time due to it being the end of the low season.

Great A-frame on the building.

Front shot.

Tikis flanking the door.

Tiki mural in attached internet shop.

Tiki just inside the outside bar area.

Another Tiki, Witco fountain inspired.

More Tikis on the Stage.

The outside bar area, lots of Bali Tourist tiki masks behind the bar.

Close up of bar tiki.

A stranger tiki more thai-country inspired?

And finally a touch of sadness as the Moai is hidden behind scrap wood and old furniture.

It never looked like that when I was there, just a coupla tikis down an alleyway and beach frontage.

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Yes Sabay is a huge place it has a large upstairs nightclub/bar area that's shut during the day, so the next time I'm there I'll pop along at night and get more pictures.

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