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Trader Joe's, San Luis Obispo, CA (store)

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Name:Trader Joe's, San Luis Obispo, CA
Street:3977 Higuera St
City:San Luis Obispo
Phone:(805) 783-2780

These three tikis guard the entrance to the Trader Joe's Grocery Store in San Luis Obispo, CA. These tikis have been replaced numerous times as people continue to steal them.

This first one I think is the only original tiki left. He stands approx 6 ft tall

These two are replacements

I'm not sure who the carver is. One of the 3 tiki's has a "JM" carved on it, possibly a local carver named John Miller but I wouldn't quote me on that one. The guy in charge at Trader Joe's the night I was there said they've replaced 3 of them, he couldn't remember who all carved which. They look pretty similar so it's probably by the same person. Maybe someone here knows?

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