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Name Calling

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The Top Ten Favorite Insults Posted on the TC Board
10."Bigots in Aloha Shirts"
9. "Puppy Moai Penis Ear Boy"
8. "up to his Neck in Scrotum"
7. "Jive Turkey"
6. "YOU ASS"
5. "Extra Fancy"
4. "Scrub"
3. "Jerk"
2. "And Your Father is an Alcoholic"

  1. "You Must Have a Very Short Penis"


[ Edited by: alnshely on 2002-10-08 16:36 ]

Hey I got # 9 and #1! I am so Happy! I thought #9 was better than #1!

I'm intrigued to discover the context in which #8 was used.......

Trader Woody

I'm in the top 5!

check the 'just a thought thread' for the "up to the neck in scrotum bit", it was hilarious. I think fartsatune posted that when madtiki briefly changed his pic from puppy moai to a puffed up burly tiki god. madtiki promptly changed his pic back to the standard "PMPEB" logo.

[ Edited by: bigbadtikidaddy on 2002-10-08 14:45 ]

I am laughing my ass off right now! This is what makes this so fun to come to everyday!

I got number 7!!! But in all fairness I took the comment from the movie, "Trading Places"

Yeah, I think #9 should switch places with #1.
I dont think I laughed that hard in a while!

Swanky posted on Tue, Oct 8, 2002 3:08 PM

You didn't include what I think is the number one put down seen here: "Buffet Fan" or "Parrot Head"

No offense Swanky, but you think that beat #9. Those are pretty lame compared to #9. Actually I just wanted to bump this back to the top. I am still laughing my ass off.

I just can't win. I thought I'd make that list for sure. Another Bash, another day I suppose.


This is a true story of legendary tiki name calling - this is no joke. Ancient scrolls from Easter Island (aka messages written on wood) were first translated ??? I dunno, let's say 100 years ago by a group of archaeologists from Chile (who owned/still owns Easter Island - bare with me here). The first scroll that was translated was big news. The public, expecting a tale of battle or cannibalism or starvation were instructed by the archaeologist that the scroll when translated read as follows:

"My penis is bigger than your penis"

So name calling is aok and very Tiki! You can go to the Easter Island museum in Santiago, Chile and buy a replica of this scroll with the translation written on the back.



Hhhmmmm... geez not only did any of mine make the list, but none of those on the list were directed at me. :-?

Well there's always next thread :D

What do you suppose it sounds like when a Tiki god farts? I'd bet it would be a lot louder than mine.

[ Edited by: SlovakTiki on 2002-10-09 20:56 ]

I had to bump this back to the top because everytime I read it I laugh my ass off. To those who have not read this, Enjoy!

nice to know because my penis is bigger than yours.

Infamy on the Insult List.

Al, you evil genius!

Bless Tiki!


On 2002-10-31 19:08, SirParrotHead wrote:
nice to know because my penis is bigger than yours.

I bet it is so big,
that when you finally pull the foreskin back
you can open your eyes.

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