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Tiki Central night out in Philadelphia - 2/19

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Aloha! So, it appears that a lot of people are intereted in going to the Kona Kai to see the Floor Show. Here's the info:

February 19th, 8PM.

Cover: $5/person

Reservations are required, and if they're made in a large group, there's a chance we'll get the best seats in the house, next to the waterfall. Plus, if we make them together, we sit together.

Kona Kai Bamboo Grill
10000 Roosevelt Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19116

If you want to go, please post how many people you'll be bringing, and whether it's a definite. This could be the first TC get together for the Philadelphia Area. And even if they aren't the greatest drinks in the world, it's a chance to meet TC Ohana. Come on out and have a good time!

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What a great idea... I've been hoping to get together alittle Philly area get-together.

I have to work out my schedule, and make sure I'm not working that night and arrange for child social services to come and take care of my kids for the night... I'll keep you posted!

Speak of the devil, I was recently thinking about suggesting a Philly-area tiki summit where we could all meet up. So I am interested in attending this event. Last time I was at the Kona Kai they said the only mug I could have a mai tai in was a FROSTED BEER MUG. I immediatly changed my order to a soda rather than risk such heresy.


WOOHOOO! People are ocming out of hte woodwork. I knew there were tiki people in philly somewhere.

Gee whiz. I just got back from a few days in fair Philadelphia. Sorry to have missed seeing you all, but hope to get back soon for some tiki fun. Have a blast!

-Weird Unc


Anyone from TC who comes to Philly is welcome to a drink at the Hale Tiki.

HaleTiki, being formerly from the Philly area, I'll be there in spirit. I'm feeling a very strong pull of the ol Philly vibe, what with the Superbowl only a few hours away. C'mon Eagles bring it home already!

Ok Hale Tiki, my husband and I are definately up for this event so count us in. How soon should we make a group reservation? By the way isnt the show usually Sundays?

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Excellent, that's about 14-ish, though not all TC. I don't know when it normally is, I just went by the date they gave me. I called on 2 different days to confirm. WOOHOOO! MORE TC'ers! This should be a fun night out.

no, the show is the 3rd saturday of every month . My wife and I were there last weekend and talked to a few workers ,they said this time of year the shows aren't that crowded until spring and summer hit. Icalled for the show last month and booked a table for 16 the monday before the show and they had no problem seating it but the show was cancelled due to snow. I can call tomorrow and say a table for 16 again just in case. coming with me and my wife will about 10 other people. post back on here with numbers of people and I'll call tomorrow nite . I had booked the last one for 7pm just so we could be seated in time (the show starts at 7:30)


Okay, so it looks like about 16 are coming with your 10. Let's wait till the end of the week to book it though. Some others might crawl out of the woodwork if we keep it at the top of the list.

so, the 19th in Philly! I grew up in Levittown, and went to Temple U! That weekend is my parent's 50th wedding anniversaary, and mr. pineapple-bot and I won't be there, but we've been instructed by my siblings on the east coast, to go out to dinner and toast mom and dad. Maybe we'll have to go to Trader Vic's and toast them! have a great time, next time we're back east we'll let you all know and we'll check it out!


Two of us may be representin' from Baltimore! Gotta check the shedule and I'll let you know for sure!

It's a short drive up 95. Sounds like it'd be a blast!


I'm working on getting up to Philly for this event! I'm not setting anything in stone but it isn't that bad a drive to Philly from where I live in Maryland...I'll keep you posted. The babysitting thing is the main obstacle right now...


This may turn out to be a fantastic event! Great to see that more people are thining about coming. I figure I'll make the reservation this friday, name: Tiki, or Pele, one of the two.


It looks as if I will be able to make the trip up from DC for this event. It will give me an opportunity to visit some other friends in the Philly area - one who had formerly been into tiki in the mid-90's.

So please add 3 to the group list for the 19th.




It looks like TC maybe taking over the Kona Kai for the 19th. What do you think they'll say when you say party of about 20? Look out Kona Kai the TCers are coming!!

Should we all plan on having dinner at the place or is the outing just for drinks and the floor show?
I am looking forward to meeting everyone.


I'd say its up to the individual person. I planned on food, I don't know about anyone else.


I'm making the reservations today. Last chance is at 2PM!


I just got the go ahead! Put in 1 for me - my wife is gonna be babysitting!

Hale Tiki , I have 12 people coming with me counting myself .If anyone backs out I will pm you so we can call an adjust if nessercery. so I will still contact you as the 19th approaches


You can change the amoutn of people by a few, but if it's drastic, they need to know.

The reservations are for 7:30. 24 people, it looks like. Remember, its $5 a head, and reservations are under Tiki.


I am scheduled to work Sat night, but I am desperately trying to switch so I work in the day... then I hopefully will be able to dump my kids off at Grandma's house. So I might add two more to the head count...

I am working harder at trying to get off for this than I do when I actually work!



Just wanted to remind everyone.

Erika posted on Thu, Feb 17, 2005 9:22 AM

I just spotted this event listing! Is there still time to worm my way in? (Two people, me and my husband.)


Well it looks like life threw me another curve ball, and I won't be able to attend tonight.

Hopefully, there will be another gathering that I can attend. Have fun everyone!


Don't forget 7:30 tonight, at the Kona Kai. $5 a head, reservations under Tiki. See you all there! Oh, and to identify myself, I'll probably be the youngest one there, with the redheaded gal on his arm.



On 2005-02-19 06:39, tikimug wrote:
Well it looks like life threw me another curve ball, and I won't be able to attend tonight.

Sadly, the same goes for me. Have fun, everybody, and I hope there'll be a Philadelphia Tiki Central night #2 soon!

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Thank you to EVERYONE who came!!! No matter how lost you got. It was really great to meet and greet other tiki people. TO those who drove a long distance, I certainly hope the food and show was worth the trip. Things have changed since I wrote my initial review, and I have to go back and write a new one. But, to all the Tiki Centralites, THANKS FOR COMING [email protected]!


I had a great time! It was nice to meet so many PA and DE tiki fanatics and see my "ol' pal" Vern again! The Kona Kai exceeded my expectations - the food was good, the hula show and live Hawaiian band were entertaining (what little I saw of it - damn that Mapquest!) and the drinks weren't great but the surroundings and the company made them palatable! It's always refreshing to be reminded that you're not the only one with such a passion and appreciation for tiki!

Hale Tiki - thanks for putting this together and thanks for the directions on how to get my ass back to Maryland. Unfortunately, I did end up getting lost and what was supposed to be a 1hr. 45min. drive south ended up being closer to 4 hrs. We walked out of the Kona Kai at 11:30 and I rolled into the driveway at 3:00 AM!! That was okay, it was nice getting an excuse to do a little late night Philadelphia sightseeing! Oh, check it out...

I did manage to check it out! Not tiki but cool nonetheless - thanks for the tip Hale Tiki!

Hope to see you all again at another event in the coming future!

Yes, the Kona Kai on Saturday was a nice event, and thanks to Hale Tiki for organizing the event. It was nice meeting TikiGoddess and Mai Tai Matty, and the few others who made the trip.

The monthly hula show that we attended was nice, and I thought the band was very good - the best part of the evening, and certainly as good if not better than the bands I saw in Florida last month. This band normally perform for only private gatherings, so if you pay a visit to the Kona Kai, try to do it on the one day of the month when they are playing. I liked it when the one older gent from the audience sang a song, while his wife, wearing her Hawaiian dress, performed a solo dance to his singing.

The biggest downside to the show was that the Kona Kai kept their television sets on, and hula dancing combined with rodeo footage doesn't quite work! The drinks could use some improvement - I had two Scorpions in a row, and the second one tasted nothing like the first, but even the more poorly made drink somehow tasted better when it is consumed in a bamboo rich setting with tiki friends.

I felt there was still some growing pains involved, as the former steak restaurant continues its transformation to a more tropical setting, but I did feel that progress towards an even more tiki-fied environment is being made.


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