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Jesus can you believe someones trying to make money off there bash invite?

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i saw this last night as i was looking for some shag lamps just to check the prices. the invite looked familiar.

is this in the same category of the people who capitalize on world disasters? i didn't buy it. oh well.

i have a cup that says: " i survived el nino " does anyone want to buy it?

this is as bad as the guy who can study all the south pacific isles for hours and fail the final exam. he knows them better after some ooga boogas. just ask.

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There are scoundrals amoungts us brothers & sisters! (wash your hand throughly).


it's a freakin' cheap ass postcard - I feel so used!

Its a cool postcard. But, the dude sellin' it would probably push his drunk best friend in the bushes, and then laugh his ass off!


What's even more astonishing is that someone is bidding on it!


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If that mugs Marquesas, then I'm the Pope! That listing is so shady and by the way the mug is Rarotongan/Cook Islands!


Now I almost feel insulted that they don't have a Tiki Central sticker up for auction! They musta just grabbed their freebies at the bash and ran!

Funny, you can still get the stationery set retail for $5.99 or less.... I wonder what the highest bid will be... PLUS shipping...!


In the dim and distant past there was actually a thread warning against this particular seller. While legal, some of the stuff sold is in very much a grey area morally.

I bet you could pick this person out in the background of one of the Bash's photos.
Look out for:

  1. Shifty eyes
  2. Un-smiling face
  3. Bulging goody bag

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On 2002-10-08 19:09, ob seagull wrote:
is this in the same category of the people who capitalize on world disasters? i didn't buy it. oh well.

i have a cup that says: " i survived el nino " does anyone want to buy it?

I have a water bottle that says "I Survived the 1994 Peat Moss Shortage". I'm not selling it, though. I earned that water bottle.

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Swanky posted on Wed, Oct 9, 2002 5:33 AM

Antiquecove has some good stuff, but also gets away with murder. I saw a Mark Ryden tiki postcard go for $50 once on his auction. That same card could be bought for 50 cents at any number of places in California.


I considered selling a couple Shag postcards I had, but then I started feeling slimy, and quickly put them back up on my tackboard, and apologised to the tiki gods.


Pure Capitalism. What may be free to someone is unobtainable to someone else. Ebay buyers can be lazy and will pay more for someone available elsewhere if they took the time. You can get caught up in the bidding frenzy.
I think it is great that this guy sold this free stuff.


I as well like the notion of a free market.
At least, this guy wasn't selling stolen items! Imagine how many of our mugs originally were "taken" from their sources. Items that "fell off the back of a truck." Collecting tiki is a dirty, shady practice, my friends! :wink:

laney posted on Wed, Oct 9, 2002 2:03 PM

I don't agree with his selling of gifts. Only because it may turn off the gift giver if people are taking advantage of his generosity. I know they are his things to do with what he pleases but don't be surprised if the freebees you got this year have a price next year. I know if I gave out tiki gift bags at a party and people promptly put them up on ebay, I wouldn't do it again. I might as well put them up for sale myself. I say (to steel a name from my childhood) INGRATE!


I don't trust antiquecove--it is just my opinion but I have seen some reproductions being sold as originals. But then again, maybe I'm wrong. Didn't someone else say a similar thing a few months back?

I think he falls into the deceptive/dubious sellers category, along with this cat, who claims every tiki item he has either came from the Luau or Kelbo's.
I'm NOT buying it!


Personally, I don't see what's so wrong with selling these items. Sure they were free, but why should that stop a spouse or mate of a REAL tiki aficianado from passing it along to someone who couldn't make it to the party and who really WANTS the items? Doesn't sound greedy to me, just reasonable. I think it's a bit much to expect people, even tiki-lovin' folks like us, to be on the honor system when it comes to not passing along free tiki collectables if they choose to do so.
Just my 2 shells worth.
(ps: I did not bid on these items, though I though they were kinda cool. I'm just not that big a Shag fan).

Perhaps years after the event, there's a time to sell off something that someone else might want more than you, but to do so immediately after the event smacks of the uglier side of capitalism (and yes, I am unapologetically a capitalist, until someone can find me a system that works better in the real world. No this is not an invitation to discuss world economics). It would definitely discourage me from making and giving nice things, if I knew my "friends" were immediately running to Ebay to sell them!


I find it sad that the one or two people out of dozens or hundreds would discourage you from giving free gifts. If I made the gifts, I would take it as a back-handed compliment that someone thought my stuff was worth selling as a collectible.

Way back in college, one of my design assignments' criteria was to design something that was so cool, people would want to steal it. While I'm not advocating theft, it's still a positive reflection on the maker/giver of the item. You cannot at all be responsible for what people do with something once it leaves your hands. It's theirs to do with what they wish. It may not get them any karma points, but then as I said before, it may make someone very happy who couldn't attend the party but want a memento of it. So it would seem to even out.


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Tiki-bot wrote:

In all sincerity, it really doesn't bum me out too much that someone's trying to make a buck off of these - I pretty much anticipated something like that happening. My only gripe is their giant nebulous bulk ebay supporting text that supports the products in some wierd and shadey way as possibly being "from grandma's attic" or whatever - it is very ambiguous and misleading, no matter what their opinion might be and that they listed the mug as Marquesan when it's not is pretty lame. We've got about 50 gift packs left over that I'm going to sell at Tiki Farm for $17.50/each. We'll do our best to have giveaways for the next event but in all sincerity, it will be difficult given the fact that it may be more high profile w/the Hard Rock and there are more watchful/scrutizing eyes over the bottom line - which in reality is necessary to pull off such an event.

What's next? the swizzle sticks? the Trader Vic napkins? a t.p. roll from the head?

I'm the one who warned of that guy- he's a jerk.

So where's that "marquesas" mug from, and are any still available?


I spoke to Holden yesterday on the phone - he's very graciously selling these for $17.95. Should be up on TikiFarm soon... I can't believe someone paid $90 for this, when they coulda had it for around 20 (or free if they attended!)

The sets will likely be posted tomorrow - $17.50 gets you the mug, the Shag stationary set, 2 Trader Vic's swizzles & an unmarked event postcard/invite. I'm also selling off the rest of the shirts with the Art by Miles Thompson (www.kooch-e-koo.com) for somewhere around $17.50 each - you'll find a link on our homepage to surplus "Bash" merchandise.

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