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Hula Beach, San Clemente, CA (store)

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Name:Hula Beach
Street:711 N. El Camino Real
City:San Clemente

You have wrong address posted. Not 415 E. Ave. Pico. Going today and will Critiki when back. Nextdoor is Bamboo and Beyond-Awesome...but that's another story...

[ Edited by: Hau 'oli Tiki on 2005-02-04 13:50 ]

Went to Hula Beach in San Clemente yesterday. If you like Hawaii-ana then you'll love this store. Light on Tiki, however, I did purchase some tiki lights I've been cravin. Theyr'e the amber colored, plastic string lights. Hula Beach has cool clothes, books, music, bedding, furniture, trinkets, accesories, etc... They did have a few tiki statues, but not many. It's more of an implied tikiness. Will down load pictures as soon as I locate my plugy thingy. Next door is Bamboo and Beyond. Check out seperate posting-awesome store!

WoooHooo! Hula Beach is decked out for the holidays. The Store is under new ownership, and YES you can see a difference!!! :)

souzi posted on Thu, May 25, 2006 6:26 AM

Check out their new website:

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