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Solai Bamboo, san diego, CA (store)

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Name:Solai Bamboo
Street:2423 Morena Blvd
City:san diego

Honor of finding first tiki here. Chief Diego lives poolside at Forbidden Tiki Lagoon in happiness and mahalo...Their website (solaibamboo.com) is cool, store is even better. Building supplies- poles, matting, thatch, decor,lamps, etc...Going on a buying trip to San diego 2/10. Will return with pix.

Solai is a great store. A large variety of building materials (reed fencing to bamboo flooring) at reasonable prices. I think we fabricated most of our bar and lanai from there. A fire put 'em out of business for awhile in late 2003. I'm glad to here they're up & running again.

They use to have a store in Solana Beach, but it appears to be closed.

I haven't been back to the San Diego store since they had an arson fire last year.

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