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Franks Supply, Huntington Beach, CA (store)

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Name:Franks Supply
Street:7252 Heil Ave
City:Huntington Beach

Web site is franksupply.com (note: not franks supply)Go to Section 6-there you will find all supplies for building own tiki hut/bar/house. Very nice and informative folks. Have their warehouse next door. TONS of supplies. Huge bamboo poles-Frank says they use them in Japan to build scaffolding up to 40 stories! Great ideas and TIKIs!!

Cool place, I get some of my bamboo there, but their poles have the center bored-out and that doesn't always work for me. Benson's Tropical Imports, also in Huntington beach is another great place for large bamboo poles and tropical decor, kind of a "teency weency" Oceanic Arts (large warehouse though) and their poles are sometimes a bit too "pristine" for my purposes.

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