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Tiki Carver in Mexico, Rosarito, Mexico (other)

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Name:Tiki Carver in Mexico
Street:Benito Juarez

This is a dude who found carving tikis out of the local palms to be very lucrative. He caters to us party animals staying at Hotel Rosarito. Head towards Puerto Nuevo for some cheap lobster. On the way there-across from the Fox Studios and before the Federale Check Point (It's OK!) check out the long row of stores on your left. He's one of the first stores-can't miss tikis out front! Awesome SEVEN FOOT tiki- took him home for $200.00!! Told him what I thought would look cool and darned if the very tiki wasn't there out front a month later! Also has tables and chairs made from palm trunks with tiki carved into them. Also, a dude a few doors up makes tiki chimineas. I wound up with a 6 foot tall warrior one. VERY cool! Light a large candle in him and watch him glow! I added a "door" of foil to the back access panel so he really glows out the front. AND THESE ARE ALL CHEAP! Chiminea= $60.00 (thick pottery- bounced around in the pick up bed for 3 days, wrapped in paper. Did fine) The best part: They kept giving me shots of Agave...free! Of course, I was wearing a sluty toob top. Could explain why I got great deals. So bring your wahine in her breast uh...best snug fitting mu-mu!

Ka! posted on Fri, Feb 4, 2005 3:08 PM

Hey! I got Tiki from him too! And I wasn't wearin a shirt at all! Course- I'm a dude. I got so wasted on the mescal- I woke up in my room at the hotel with the tiki. That's what got me started on the road to tikiness. Could be worse; I coulda woke up with a naked stranger. yeah, cuz thats never happened to me.

Do you guys have any pictures of these tikis?

hewey posted on Tue, Mar 1, 2005 7:22 PM

I was gonna say have you got any pics of the slutty boob toob top :) . But hey, the tiki pics would do fine

Zeta posted on Wed, Feb 4, 2009 7:24 AM

Show your pics! Show your pics! Show your pics! Show your tits... Sorry.
Gringos locos... Mescal mucho macho.


It's funny, five years ago or so you never saw carved tikis for sale in Baja. But now there are several places that I've seen, including this one. The Baja Californians are very well versed in keeping up with what tourists are willing to buy. (think about how they've managed to make most people think that velvet paintings originated in Tijuana). I keep waiting to find one of the many ceramics places stocked with tiki mugs.

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