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Bamboo and Beyond, San Clemente, CA (store)

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Name:Bamboo and Beyond
Street:713 N. El Camino Real
City:San Clemente

VERY COOL! Lots of tiki! This place is crammed with island feel good! Found about 6 items I'd like to purchase. The store is very full of treasure and I over heard the lady working there tell someone she wanted to unload her container and put more in the store. Where? I can't wait! There are carved tiki, wall hangers, tiki lamps, lil tikis. There's furniture, palapa bars, signs, decor. Supplies for building your own tiki bar. There are these very awesome carvings of exotic women's faces, flowers, etc... They are carved from hibiscus roots! I bought dinner ware made from coconuts and teak (?) They look like elegant Gilligan's island spoons and forks. Check out the other carvings from teak. All in all- a very fine store. Exotic and elegant, yet fun. Small store, lots of merchandise. Go now and get a great deal so there's room for the rest of the stuff. They seemed very willing to make great bargains! On the van out back: had another location's address: 1904 South Coast Highway, Oceanside, Ca. 760-433-8424

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