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Baltimore Museum of Art, Oceanic Collection, Baltimore, MD (other)

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Name:Baltimore Museum of Art, Oceanic Collection
Street:10 Art Museum Drive
Phone:(410) 396-7100

The BMA's Oceanic artifacts are part of the museum's permanent collection. The carvings are housed amongst the African, Native American and Pre-Columbian art. The corridor is directly to the right of the ticket office and is literally footsteps from the front door. Kids seem to love the "scary masks" in this wing of the museum and tend to linger so plan accordingly when visiting with children. The city of Baltimore hasn't had a Polynesian bar or restaurant since the mid-60's, but the few pieces in the BMA's care confirm that yes, there is tiki in Baltimore.

Below are a few photos taken on January 29th 2005...

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A Museum post in locating Tiki, what a great idea!
The first photo, the three masks, could depict the three stages of ZOMBIE imbibing:

(Right to Left)
1.) Happiness
2.) Transcendence
3.) Regression

went last night ~ that is a great collection! the marquesas tiki is my favorite by far. the two easter island pieces (head with arms, anthropomorphic lizard) were great too. and the one gallon kava bowl... one can only dream.

marquesas tiki reminds me of a cast stone version i found...

fyi there was a great oceanic/pacific art book in the bookstore, $75 ~ being short on the clamshells i let it be :)

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