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Yet Another KAHIKI Update...

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No word yet on a new construction site, BUT my lovely wife did see on a "Dodge report" where Kahiki is renovating an old Swanson Food processing plant in Franklin County, OH.

As far as everyone knows, this plant will be seperate from the other plant, which will continue to operate as well.

All of this may not be interesting to "our" point of view, but it does show enough significant sales to justify the purchase of an additional processing plant and that IS good news to the Kahiki name...and hopefully, produce enough money to build the new restaurant that we're all hoping for. I'm hoping that this is one step closer.

If we find out anything else, we'll be sure to let everyone know. Keep those fingers crossed!


This could be good news, it could be bad.

My worry is that as they see how easy it is to turn a profit using a few industrial cookers & a couple of packing lines, the thought of operating a restaurant (and all that entails...)becomes too troublesome.

There's also the factor that they have already done the whole restaurant thing. Doing another one wouldn't be a challenge to them.

Sorry to lay down such bummer vibes on a positive post, but I've never had particularly high hopes for a new Kahiki.

Trader Woody

I can't say that I ever believed the whole "rebuilding near the river" thing myself.
However, I think the "Kahiki" name represents more than the pre-packaged foods. (To thepatrons, as well as the owner.)
I think the challange would be to create a better, more elaborate theme restuarant.

I'm not holding my breath, and I think I've said that before.

But, I still have to be hopefull because we are a tiki wasteland and I would be thankful to see a damn Tiki-Hot Dog Stand along the side of an Ohio road! We are desparate!

While I agree that its a pipe dream...it's a nice one, would'nt you agree?

I still say to keep your fingers crossed...although they may get stiff for the length of time we're talking about.



Yes, keep hope alive! Kiliki and I found out there's a fellow moved back here to East Tennessee from Florida who wants to open a TIki Bar/Restaurant in town. We hear he's picked out a property already. And who would be the people in town to help him? And who could make the music for the place? And who could point out the various suppliers of tiki decor? Yes, us. We hope it will be a great place and serve great drinks out of original mugs... We hope...

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