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Weird tiki in "The Last Starfighter"

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Check out the last pic on this page:


I've never seen the movie in question... is it worth plowing thru to get to that trailer park Tiki???

I loved that movie as a kid (I was very into video games), but have no idea how watchable is is for an adult. I have a feeling the tiki shot is a fleeting one.

If you decide to watch, go into it knowing you'll need to be in a cheesy/nostalgia mood, with your thumb hovering over the pause button. :)

I do not know about that, but I am a big fan of the flaming tiki-head aliens from BABYLON 5.


Wow, Tangaroa, I though TLS was required viewing for all us design geeks, you know, like TRON was.

The movie's pretty cheezy and aimed at youngsters, but had surprisingly advanced spacecraft design (by Ron Cobb). It's also notable for being the first movie ever to incorporate true rasterized 3D images in a film (unlike TRON where the raster images were photographed and re-shot on an animation stand).

If you've never seen it, give it a look. At least it has historical value, and there's a tiki in it!

Now, back to being a geek...


Tiki-Bot - speaking of Off Topics... I found this today:
Download this & see if that doesn't bring back memories!
All it needs is the film score in the background. With Tron 2.0 coming out, I wonder how long it'll take Disney to shut this down?
Many apologies for going so horribly off topic....

If I recall, the tiki makes a few cameos in the flick.

I loved that flick. Heck I think I still own the FASA strategy Game based on it. Now thats geekville.


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