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Check Out This Guys Stone Carvings

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Man I wished I lived close to this guy. I'd have these all around my pool.


Those are really cool looking Moai! Woa!
You can buy stone garden moais in Ontario too I hear - but have yet to see them myself. I keep hearing from people who've seen them but then cant rememeber exactly where. Always in small town 'country craft n' candle' type stores.

Wow, that's terrific! Thanks for sharing that. As far as I know, that's the only professional carving Tikis out of any medium here in the UK.

I keep looking at some of the great stuff you have out in the States (ie. Geckos carvings), then realise even surface postage would probably quadruple the total cost.

Anyway, I think a trip to Staffordshire is on the cards!

Thanks again.
Trader Woody

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