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1968 Polynesia at So Cal Expo...

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Thought this would be of interest...

While doing some research, I came across this article in the August 3, 1968 edition of Amusement Business - a amusement park trade magazine that's been around for quite a while...

"M. (Whitey) Monette, veteran San Franciscao novelty dealer, became a Polynesian real estate man at the Southern California Exposition in Del Mar, June 26 - July 7.
Monette, who also has novelties at the California Exposition in Sacramento as well as other fairs, took over the complete operation of the area in the paddock section of the Del Mar Race Track, owned, but not operated by the fair.
In a scene (described in his brochure) of thatched roof huts, swaying palms, tiki torches, music and Polynesian culture, Monette assembled about 50 concessionaires. They included Bob Teller and his Banana Rolla-Rama, Mike Goldsein with his oyster-opening for pearls, and Standard Oil Co. of California promoting its Chevron Island for Hula Dollars campaign.
The lineup of concessions included 21 large and 18 smaller ones.
The Polynesian theme was carried out by Joe and Meta Olgart, Sacramento designers. In the turfed circle, Monette provided a South Seas-flavored show with Danny Kuanna, who had performed at the Tahitian Village in Disneyland, and the Bob Davis aquatic show. On sale in the area were orange and other soft drinks, and beer. The draft was American, however."

Wow - I wish there were more pictures of this event!

And check out "Whitey" next to that Tiki! He seems like a stand-up guy to me....

Big Bro - any comments?


Hmmm - looks like Shutterfly trims a little off the edges when you use their picture service!
Here's some more in a larger size & an advertisement from the "Buy Mart" section - that would sell novelties in bulk to those shifty carny workers...!

What a great find. NEVER heard about this fair, or the Sacramento designer couple. Will forward it to Oceanic Arts for comment.
Please save me the pics.
...now we have to find that Brochure!


Thanks! No problem... I can make you color copies - or let you borow the originals. I'd sure like to see that brochure too!

I also have some conceptual artwork from the Banana Train Ride at Pacific Ocean Park you may be interested in... Great polynesian 1950s stuff! One of the renderings even has a Tiki! Although I've never seen a photo of it from the ride (POP pics are notoriously difficult to come by...)


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