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The Islands, Denver CO.?

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I came across a vintage pair of s&p shakers (sungod figure) from the "ISLANDS" in Denver Co.I checked some references but could find nothing on this place.I did a search here and all it came up with was a post by someone else who too, found the same shakers.Anyone have any info on this place? Thanks.

ino posted on Sat, Feb 26, 2005 6:39 AM

I lived in Boulder since 1992 and work in Denver and I've never heard of such a place.

Depending on where you search online (I tried google local, dexonline, and regular google) I found a place called "the island" at:

2233 S. Geneva St. In the outskirts of Aurora.

Each source said it was something different. One source indicated that it was a banquet hall, the other said it was a caterer, the third a bar.

This is the most likely candidate. If anyone wants me to check it out, I can go by there on my way home on Monday evening and see what's there.

Here is a summary about the Denver Islands restaurant (and others) and its owner. Enjoy.

Great story ZM...
Thanks for the info!


Is this the place that was actually in Glendale? When I was a kid I remember going to a polynesian restaurant in Glendale that was designed like like grass shacks that were surrounded by water. I loved that place. It was always vey busy, but still went out of business because it was not making enough money -- which I can never figure out.

Yes, it is the same place. According to Mr. Wong, the Denver operation was always profitable, however, it was his other establishments that eventually closed the doors.


Bummer. That was the tiki place I remember best from my childhood. Thanks for the info.

Here is a match box from Tommy Wong's Island in Denver. I am assuming this is the same as the Islands?

Tommy Wong was busy, had three other places as well.


Just got another matchbook from Tommy Wongs Island restaurants. Four restaurants, he was a busy man.


Just bought these S&Ps marked "Islands, Denver, CO"

And I bought then resold this to Koalacharms (thanks Frank!) and since the logo matches what you posted DC I am assuming same restaurant. and now I kind of regret selling it...ha!

Found this old photo online featuring the dance group Polynesian Fiafia that was taken at Tommy Wongs Island in Denver.


Love that Cosmo cover girl in the middle - pure American Polynesian!

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