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Rain posted on Mon, Oct 14, 2002 10:15 AM

holy samoleans! after hours and hours of work, i finally have my website finished. maybe now i can spend some time and actually read some posts on tiki central.


click on "samples,"
then "traditional" to see the tikis.

it's very graphic intensive, so please be patient.

Imua, Mamua!

Have the Simpson aliens morphed into tikis?
I like em.


After clicking the chimp head - 'for sale' icon I noticed the Shag (shall we say) 'influence' of the drumming tikis.

Rain posted on Mon, Oct 14, 2002 1:22 PM

hm, you're right.

AUUGH i'm guilty of the most heinous crime of ripping someone off blatantly!
i'll be reworking those soon.

although, i don't think the faces are shag-y -- just the bodies.

Very Cool Rain,
I like your work. Your site looks like you spent some late nights on it. Nicely done. I particully like the piece in the Moia gallery with the saucer powering up the Moia. Mysterious contrast and color in all your paintings add a nice moody quality. Interesting point that Tiki_bong made about the Shagness of you tiki drummers. I to have a bit of trouble as an artist not letting the artists who I am influenced by creep in my work. Shag hisself looked at some of my work online a few years ago and commented on a moai graphic that I had used on my web page that looked similar to a tatu that he had drawn for one of the Bomboras. What could I say? Dude, your an influence, thanks for looking. He was totally cool and had positive comments about my work. Had I completely ripped him off, It may have been another story. but there was enough Chongolio in there to make it unique. My point none really, just relating as another artist who has the tiki as his muse.

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Yea!!! I won both your paintings. Will pay you tomorrow when I get back to work. Thanks Rain!


I too think your work is very creative. Remember my post, which you responded to, about how artists that influence other up and coming artists can sometimes creep out onto the canvas, and I said that's fine.

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