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Sitting in Paradise-Sacramento, CA, Sacramento, CA (store)

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Name:Sitting in Paradise-Sacramento, CA
Street:3219 Folsom Boulevard

This store had the yummiest Hawaiian candles I'd ever had the pleasure of burning. Great selection of islander knick-knacks, scents, oils, shirts, and tiki treasures. They keep a big Tiki Monster outside to generate foot traffic, which can be rented for parties and any occassion you might have a need for a 12 foot tiki!!!


The Sitting in Paradise shop is a hoot! I was in there just this last weekend to pick up my Drei Moai cup (linked from Tiki Farm) and fell in love with this place. The owners Christine and Scott are fantastic. They were burning a tuberrose candle, so as soon as you walked into their store, your senses were whipped onto the Islands. Their selection of tiki cups, posters already framed in bamboo, lamps, stickers, serving plates, and aloha shirts rivals any shop I have found in the Northern California area. I was told they recently expanded from a small shop (300 square feet) to over 2400 square feet, and plan to take over the old bar next door and serve drinks and food.

Their web site does no justice to the kinds of items you will find in their shop.

Check em out in person, and tell em Myke (Myke with a "Y") told you about them. (Long story.)


Wow! That's wonderful news! I love the little corridor of shops in that area. We always welcome new watering holes around SAC. I love this town! And a bigger presence on the street might help with foot traffic.

We met Scott, didn't have the pleasure of meeting Christine (she was in Hawaii on biz-how's that for a perk, getting to write off your travels to Tahiti on your taxes!!!) He was such a kewl dood. Just being in his presence and in the SIP shop makes a an otherwise excitable girl like myself feel very calm and peaceful.


On 2005-03-15 13:01, tikiwinebear wrote:
I was told they recently expanded from a small shop (300 square feet) to over 2400 square feet, and plan to take over the old bar next door and serve drinks and food.

I have been to SIP many times. Scott and Christine are always very friendly and eager to meet us tiki lovers. They have just about anything you could imagine from Hawaii and if they don't have it they'll do their best to get it. There is always the current line of mugs from the farm at SIP as well as a few swizzle sticks. Whenever I visit them I always find a few freebies in my bag when I get home which kinda makes me feel more like a friend than a customer. They also have a large patio in the back of the store and plan to have a Hawaiian themed shin-dig later this year. If you are ever in the area go check them out, it's a little piece of Hawaii right here in NorCal. Later.

This is one great place to get some Tiki / Hawaiian Christmas shopping done! I have turned so many of my friends on to tiki stuff, its easy to complete my shopping in one place. Christine and Scott are so great! If in the Sacramento area, you gotta stop by!

My Mom was recently in the hospital which is a few blocks away from Sitting in Paradise. The prices of the flower arrangements in the hospital gift shop were outrageous. So I trekked on over to SinP and bought her 4 artificial leis of different flowers. I hung the leis in different parts of her hospital room so she could see them everywhere. You wouldn't believe the wonderful comments she got from nurses and people just walking down the hallway who noticed the leis. I also bought her a small tuberose scented candle which she kept near her bed. It really helped add a calming smell to her hospital room.

  • Myke

The owners of Sitting in Paradise would like to sell their store. Please check out this posting in General Tiki.



Closing and Liquidating!!! After months of seeking new owners, Sitting in Paradise has decided to close its doors. Everything will go. The owner is hoping to finalize closing by July 1.

I, for one, am very sad to see the doors closing on this fun place. Christine, the owner and manager, created a wonderful environment for us to get our "Aloha" and "tiki" stuff without having to fly off to an island. You could tell by talking to Christine, she wasn't in the business to make gobs of money, but because of her love of all things Aloha. She gave breaks to artists by purchasing and selling one of a kinda items, as well as stocking up with merchandise from Tiki Farm, Doug Horne, and others we know from Tiki Central.

Sitting in Paradise
3219 Folsom Blvd (near Alhambra)
Sacramento, CA
(916) 455-2222

Best wishes on your new journeys, Christine!!

  • Myke

And it's still in the process of closing. The selection isn't even picked over and it shows no signs of shutting down just yet.

I was quite surprised to find Tiki Farm mugs from Emiril's Chop House and Trader Vic's too. Good stuff, great shirts, and took advantage of what seems like a perpetual sale.

just went by the store....they will be open only a few more days. Scott is in from Hawaii, so go by and say hello and get a mug or a keychain!!!......lots of good stuff left. They wanted me to thank everyone from this website who shopped there. The sign on the front window says ''Moving to Hawaii''

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