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[ Edited by: tikimecula 2010-08-11 17:53 ]

Those are real cool, nice job


You have a nice style goin on there.

Very nice. I like the finish, looks weathered.


Tmec, those are Really nice. Very Sharp and Precise detail. I Love the clean lines. Excellent....

Very nice work, tikimecula. Lots of character in those logs!


Nice, Nice, Idols man! What type wood you shapin bruddah?

Yes, good lookin' tikis, nice wood. I'm starting to run low on my own log supply - what kind of stock are you using, TM? I like that there's no splits & the detail's holding up nice. (Sorry, I'm not just interested in the wood type, the design is really good, & nice use of torch!).


These are fantastic. Nice Carvings! Like seamus said, you've got a real nice style developing.

Now THOSE are tikis! I really like the design and style you used. Let me see a bunch more.

Nice clean lines, good design, and exection, but what are they singing?

Thanks for the Compliments everyone. They are Mexi-Fan Palm logs. Just got a nice 7.5' log, I will be working on him this week. Will post some pics.

Thanks again.

[ Edited by: tikimecula on 2005-03-13 09:20 ]


Wow you didn't waste any time on those. There awsome!

Clean is good. Nice


Sweet! I like the big guy and the little cutie. Hang loose braddah!


Nice job!! Man that would look good on my back porch.

Keep up the great work.


Wow, that new guy is tall! Looks really nice. I love your little one giving the hang-loose sign!

WoW, that is cool! I have a little girl thats 4 , she loves tiki too. Such clean lines and detail.

Thanks guys! I really need to sell some. I have a tiki army in my backyard. I get to attached to these guys. I have carved 14 to date, and have all but 2 that i gave away.

Another one.

Looking good, Your going to become over run by those guys at the rate your carving them out.


I Love the next to the last one the best. You are realy improving by leaps and bounds. Why don't you offer some over in the Tiki Marketplace, maybe some of us will help lighten your load.

I am in the process of getting my Pool remodeled, So they came this morning to pour the concrete for the Decking. Ended up selling 2 of my tikis to one of the guys! First Sale. Kinda stoked someone actually Liked them enough pay me for something I created. He also said he wanted more.

Maybe i did'nt charge him enough? Is $20 an inch to much for a 3 footer? :D

Congrats on your first sale. It really is a great feeling. Cheers to many more sales!

[ Edited by: rodeotiki due to not getting the previos joke.]

[ Edited by: rodeotiki on 2005-04-11 12:20 ]

I was joking about the $20 an inch thing.


Very nice work, tikimecula. I do like that tall guy. Very cool!


Thanks Sam, I would like for you to do a painting for me. send me an E-mail [email protected]



Good looking stuff. I just started carving. Working on 3rd now...

More stuff. added.

hewey posted on Mon, Aug 22, 2005 5:32 PM

Cool carvings. Nice and clean style

That will make for one custom palapa, TM! The tattooing style looks great. Save some for our carving session.


Congradulations on your first sale. Nice feeling huh? Keep up the great work.


On 2005-08-22 21:51, Aaron's Akua wrote:
That will make for one custom palapa, TM! The tattooing style looks great. Save some for our carving session.

I'm Ready. My last day of Ground School was Sat. Doing anything next Weekend? I have 2 more of these to do in the next 2 weeks, + a few tikis. We can do it at my place? LMK?

Hmmmm... sounds good, but gotta check my schedule. We've got a 5 day trip to San Filipe over Labor Day. Might have to be sometime after that. I'll PM you. It would be cool to come out to your place.


Tikimecula... I'm in Riverside. Can I come too? I'll bring the beer (or sodas.. chips... whatever)..... :)

I will PM you, when we get it together.

Here are more. (pg. 1)

Wow! They really all look identical and I know that's hard to do. This will make the most custom tiki palapa around. Nice. I wouldn't sweat the color difference. The wood character just highlights how accurate the carving is between the four posts.

Is this palapa going in your own backyard? Would be nice to see in person sometime (We've got a Hawaii trip coming up - but let's get together sometime after that for sure).

Excellent work, Andy.

Wow... your poles are sweet! Love the big stuff... it is a challenge to work that big but when you step back and take a look at it... !!!!!
Your carvings have really taken on a seasoned and precise style... keep up the great work and keep working huge!

[ Edited by: Lake Surfer 2005-09-17 23:52 ]

Thanks for the comps Guys.

Aaron, They are not going in my Backyard (I wish) They are actually going to someone from MTV so Those 2 might be famous, I'll keep you updated, If what I have heard Pans out. I will have pics of the finished product soon, and I'll post a few.

Lake, What's that saying? "Go big or go Home":) I actually like doing the Really Big Logs, Seems like that is all I get requests for lately? Next up I have 3 Six footers and a 5 footer to do. All Palm wood.




tikimec-nice work! How about a tip for us aspiring palm log carvers? How did you get the wood so smooth? I use sabal or cabbage palm and it's so stringy/fibery/grainy, etc. that it seems no amount of sanding gives me the smoothness you've attained in you carves. Is there that much of a difference between sabal and mexi-fan palms?

Thanx bro,
And keep posting those bad-ass works!

Yeah...Bump ditto...Where've you been, man? Working on an Akatara? Must be something pretty big...and killer!

Bete posted on Tue, Feb 7, 2006 2:47 PM

Cool carvings in this topic thread, very cool indeed.

Hey guys! I have been working, but not caving. I'm starting another Biz. I have been on vacation for the last 3 years, so I thought it would be fun to get back into it.....I had forgot what it was like to start from scratch. I do have a few unfinished pieces (3 clubs & a tiki) in the carving hut, now i just have to find the time to finish them. I'll post some pics in a bit.

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