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Swamp Fire Lounge aka Artist Doug Horne in Tucson!

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Hey fellow tiki fans,
March 18th, 19th and 20th I will have a booth at the 4th avenue street fair in downtown Tucson. If your not familiar with my art go to http://www.swampfirelounge.com
I will be selling my limited edition prints plus the newly released Gulp tiki mug produced by Tiki Farm. Stop by and say hi, I'd love to meet everyone. I'm in booth #516.


Any plans to ever come to the North East Swamp Fire?

Your "Tiki Girl" print hangs proudly in my Living Room/Tiki Lounge.


Hey Doug,

When you comin' to SoCal?

On 2005-03-13 08:50, Tiki Matt wrote:
Hey Doug,

When you comin' to SoCal?

Hey Tiki Matt, my next event in Cal will be Tiki Oasis. Can't wait. I've been looking for some other cool shows to do in the So Cal area. The drive is not too bad from Phoenix. If you hear of any let me know.

Captian Morgan, no plans on heading up your way but you never know. Glad to hear your enjoying Tiki Girl. The edition (150) of that painting is almost gone and done, only 25 left.

I love your art. I have 2 of your prints and I always get complements on them!! I'm drooling over your Mai Kai print. Have you considered doing a print dedicated to the Kahiki? THat would be very cool!


My wife and I are fans of your work too. It just so happens that we are heading to Phoenix this weekend. We're gonna run down to Tucson to check out the Street Fair and come see you.

Mr. & Mrs. Pug

On 2005-03-14 10:40, Digitiki wrote:
Have you considered doing a print dedicated to the Kahiki? THat would be very cool!

Hey Digitiki, glad your enjoying the prints. I'd love to do a Kahiki painting. It's one of my all time fav. places (R.I.P). Got to visit about 7 years ago.

Mr. & Mrs. Pug, great! See you in Tucson. I've never done this art fair before but I hear it has a ton of booths and a ton of people attending.


Man I wish I could make it to Tucson this weekend!

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