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Point Moorea bar in the Wilshire Grand Hotel

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From the Wilshire Grand Hotel web site:
"Point Moorea is a unique upscale high-energy lounge styled after the popular Tiki bars of the 1950’s and 60’s."

But the pictures show it as a really boring hotel bar. "High energy" and Tiki Bar in the same sentence??


Good find. Who will go and scout the location to verify the lack of true tikiness?

Well, gang.... Here's my report. I have been in there and didn't stay long. This was about a year agao and it was late afternoon as the business-suit types were just starting to arrive. I might as well have been invisible for the attention I was given by the staff. Seemed not too tiki, but I really didn't give it a good browse since all I wanted to do from the moment I walked in was walk back out again. If anyone actually stays long enough to have a drink, give us the report. Point Moorea is in the Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

-Weird Unc


I'll be in the area this weekend and I'll try to stop by but I have a lot of places to go and I have to pick up a car I bought (on Ebay).

We're going to do our usual whirlwind weekend where we try to hit all the vintage clothing and 50s stuff stores in Hollywood and vicinity, about 5 bars per day, and an older restaurant each night in our desperate search for a time-warp experience. We plan on hitting:

Tiki Ti (always #1 on the list!)
The Galley in Santa Monica
Taylor's Prime Steaks
The Encounter at LAX
Kona Lanes
Trader Vic's

We probably will stop at Sam's Seafood for a drink after visiting Kona Lanes on Friday but I'm not sure what time. Can't make it to Baxdog's party on Saturday because we already have other plans.

If you see a couple of well-dressed people in old clothes at any of the places I mentioned come over and say Hi!

So, has anyone been in this place recently...It's been pretty mcuh invisible here on TC since this thread was started in 02'.

I'm guessing it's not too good, but the fact that pretty much no one was made much note of this place on here is strange.

I go there after work sometimes when I am working in Downtown LA. It isn't really Tiki at all. It does have some Indonesian masks n stuff!! THey have beer and mixed drinks. I ususally stop in for a beer or two with some of my work buddy's.

Thanx Spermy :)

I'll be staying there tomorrow night and will check out the drinks and atmosphere . . . anyplace else nearby that I should check out?

Yes, you should check out everything BUT Point Moorea. Trader Vic's at L.A. Live is just down the street and Caña Rum Bar is around the corner from Vic's at Olympic and Flower, Let them know you're from out of town and I'm sure they'll let you in. I'm also a huge fan of Rivera across from Caña on Flower.

I'd visit all three.

On 2011-08-15 12:06, Bora Boris wrote:
Yes, you should check out everything BUT Point Moorea. Trader Vic's at L.A. Live is just down the street ...

While walking down Figueroa to LA Live, you will walk in front of Hotel Figueroa, just off Olympic, which definitely is worth stopping in for a drink:

Excellent! Thanks all! I'll be busy!

Closed along with the Wilshire Grand Hotel.

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