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Bam-Boo, Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada (restaurant)

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Street:Place Sainte-Foy, Boulevard Laurier
City:Sainte-Foy, Quebec

Here's a postcard from the Bam-Boo:

Wondering if anyone has heard of this spot, or have any info?

Cool place. A matchbook from it also states that it was at the "Centre D'Achats". The style of the graphics and typeface places it into the early 70s. I detect a Witco Moai planter (with orange bowl on head) on the back bar, left of the left big Tiki face. Too bad the resolution has it's limits and one can not make out the details of the ceramics, some seem to be Tiki designs.
Where is that Bladerunner technology!?

I just noticed the big stuffed lion in the first photo, that's an interesting touch!

This is one of my favorite postcards, have been looking for this one for a long time. I did find the matchbook recently.

I love the graphics and colors.


Recently saw this postcard on ebay, and I was easily outbid, but I thought it should go here:


I am presently searching on tiki restaurants in Québec city and I can confrim you that the Bam-Boo opened in 1964. Roger Dulude was the owner. This restaurant was located in a shopping center named Place Ste-Foy. This is still the biggest shopping center in Québec city.



Check out this really cool swizzle spoon from the Bam Boo Steak!

A few fuzzy close ups of the postcard that Slacks posted.

And a red version of the matchbook.


After much searching I finally found one of the Bam Boo postcards. Here are some better scans.

Great mural on the back wall.

The Witco walkway.

What a bar. Looks like a Witco fountain on the back left.


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