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Making bottle lamps

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Not long ago, I made a lamp from an old glass bottle (1 gal.)that I found in our basement. At The Alibi, there are several of these lamps, and since I had the bottle I figured I would try it. The hard part was cutting the bottom out. Apparently, there are bottle cutters that are made for this type of thing. I used a worm drive saw with an abrasive blade and, with some luck got the job done. At a craft store I bought a bottle of Mod Podge ?? (just a white glue type of thing)and covered the bottle with a nice looking textured rice paper. (Bark cloth probably would have been better.) Cork or wood discs hold the thing together with rope. With a colored low-watt light bulb, it makes a nice mood lamp. Anyone out there own a bottle cutter?


Just bought one a week ago... Saw they were on sale at Micheal's craft store. Didn't know why I had to have it but now you gave me some great ideas.

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