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carvings by Ken Pleasant

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The top pic is a new mask I made.

Some new style fountains
end some bigger tikis, hanging with my little girls.

Bar stools

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excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard . Glad to see you back .


YO Keigsey, About time you did this. Now we can look at your work all the time. Now I'll actually have to carve once in awhile to keep up with you. These Look great. Which are the new ones.
Seriously, Thanks for starting your own thread.

more pics please!!!......amazing, i dream of one day owning a kiegs piece......

Keigs you do spectacular work....the tall
dudes next to the building are wonderful...
all of them are great...thanks for showing
some of your creations.

Pleasant Tiki !!!!!!!

Trust me people. Nab anything you can from this dude. It's only gonna appreciate in the years to come.

You're torturing me Keigs. Howz the masks coming along?


Thanks for all the compliments they are very inspiring. They must be I was cleaning my shop at 12:30 last night.
Benzyarty the top picture of the lamp is my latest. Now carve away!!
Hula I will post more pics tonight.
Revbenbooze "Pleasant tiki" it is thanks to you and the sign you made me, maybe you could build my website also.
Jungle trader I will have your masks done next week. Thanks again for the comps.

PS this is alphabet would look like if the letters q and r were missing

Holy fookin' heck!

Great stuff, I've been drooling since ya first posted. But man, when are you going to start making viking ships? :)

Cool as heck! My favorite is the second lamp pick with the mois and the red glass. Very classy.

Absolutely INCREDIBLE work!

Love that shelf. And the Hefner masks (saw some at Fatu Hiva's and Neptune Tiki's houses).
The best thing is imaginening what a kick Bill must be getting out off you doing all this!

Hey Ken - will you be vending at the oasis this year? I'll email you about an anniversary present for Mr. Pineapple-Bot, I really like the 2nd lamp and the masks!

mrs. pineapple

OOOH, MAN! THat's some nice stuff. YOu got magic coming out that chainsaw, my friend.

Love those swag lamps, I can't get enough of 'em!


Tikimonkey you never know I might have to make a few Viking ships just to see how they turn out.
Big bro thanks, you are right Bill gets a kick out of it and loves to talk shop. Wish I could remember everything he says. He has some great stories.
Mrs Pineapple, I dont think I am going to make Oasis. Feel free to email me though.
Thanks again for all the compliments...


bump a few new pics most you have seen thanks for looking

Very nice work.
We need to see more and more...

Not that I could afford them, but how much would carvings like the tall poles run?

All I can say is great googley-moogely! Thats some damn nice work.

Ken Rocks! Trust me!


More really NICE carvings by Mr Keigs. Man your tikis are really looking Great.You are really getting a handle on the depth and detail. Only problem I see is you don't make enough of it. Maybe 3 or 4 carvings a day would keep us Happy??
Excellent work Keigs.

hewey posted on Fri, May 13, 2005 7:04 AM

Usually I dont go musch for the darker wood and animal print stuff. But you have made me a beleiver - well done!


Love the bar stools.... I wonder if you could waterproff the fabric for outside.... Hummmmmm

Keigs carvings are great! I've got one guarding my front door carved in Cedar -- good stuff indeed!


love that fountain with the steps down the side. And its all selfcontained. But wouldn't the wood soak it up at the bottom??


Thanks Rodeo I try to post the new stuff but a lot of stuff I carve is the same.
Tiki Gardner thanks I will pm you.
Rev RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! thanks man!
Benz when I first started carving totems Bill would come over to look at them and say dont be scared to carve a little deeper. It took me a while but you guys are right it does look better and I have not cut a tikis head off yet like I was worried about. As for the carving 3-4 a day thats not a problem its the damn Witco finish that takes forever to do. Hey benz I am in the process of maybe moving. The town I am moving to has a carving on every corner I will send you some pics. Like you these guys can carve anything. Luckily they dont do tikis or I would be in trouble. Mostly bears, fish, cowboys and loggers.
Hewey when I first started I did not see a lot of darker carvings and thought it was cool to be different. With Bill teaching me and the lack of palm trees in W.A. I pretty much had to go dark. As for the animal print fabric I thought it was terrible. Now the cheesier the better my house is filled with gaudy Witco pieces and somehow it all fits together I think... My neighbor probably disagrees.
Thantos I am sure you could put a waterproof top on them. The stools are made of cedar and would fade and check in the weather but they would last many years.
Polypop thanks I seen your totems post looks like he is in good company.
Teakey I coat the wood with a clear coat really thick were the water hits it so it wont soak in.
Thanks for all the replys and compliments
feel free to email me if you want something carved or to bs [email protected]


Ken, I'm really diggin' your stuff. Your one busy man.......looking pretty "jake".


Incredible, keep them coming.

SES posted on Sat, May 14, 2005 6:13 AM

Yow! These are looking incredible. I love the fountains. :)


thanks again, I posted a new lamp on page 1.

Now thats what I'm talking about. Man thats awesome.
More please....

Thanks Keigs


Ken, that town sounds fantastic. What a place to live. Pix were great.

You ROCK! These are so nice. So much talent...so little time. Keep it up!

Awesome work!

Awesome stuff Ken!

All of it!!!

Awesome stuff Ken!

All of it!!!

Awesome stuff Ken!

All of it!!!


Yo Ken, thats a Very fine lamp. Is it me, or is your work getting more refined?
Drroooolll!! Nice.


thanks tikitammy, swampfire, flounder , flounder and flounder oh yea and Benz. hey Benz my work may be getting a little more refined but I still cant carve a chicken. I owe a friend a 4 ft chicken and have destroyed a few pieces of wood with little luck, damn bird!

Did you Re-Route that freakin creek yet???!!!

Talk about "up a stream without a paddle!!"

What's the other one. "Up Shits Creek!!"


Love to have a drink next to that. Your work is great!

Beautiful work Ken. That "little guy" lamp 3rd down RULES!
He has a vaguely Barney West expression (maybe the mouth?). Is that available by any chance?
Keep on chipping.

kirby posted on Thu, Jun 9, 2005 11:45 PM

your awesome ken, I love my new stuff, im so lucky ha ha ha ha.....kirby


Ben more like the creek rerouted me.
Thanatos thanks I broke it in by staring at it while having a beer. Then I sold it because it was to big for my tiny house.
Kava king sorry for the late reply I dont have any made but I can put you on the list of things to carve. If you are still interested just pm or email me and we can work out the details.
Kirby thanks man I will call you at 12:00 pm again some night and we can bs some more.

I added one new pic of a mask on page 1. It was based on a New guinea mask. But I did not like it when I finished so I reworked it a bit. Thanks for looking

I've got to have some of your work!! Absolutely incredible. I can add it to my bar in my new place here in Hollywood! Contact me through [email protected]

Your stuff always is amazing!


Ofcourse your new mask is great. The Chicken??? the problem with them is they keep running around in circles and it's hard to carve'em when they do that.Show us pic's when its done, I wanna see!


[ Edited by: Fetish on 2005-06-14 18:55 ]

WOW! We just bought the red lamp, and we can't wait to get it! The new stuff is really nice, Thanks for getting the lamp done for Father's Day! Mr. Pineapple is re-arranging the tiki room, trying to decide where to put it! I still want to see a picture of the Witco baby crib!

Mrs. Pineapple

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