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Hello from the Smokies

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Nice to know this board exists! Me and the wife are avid tikiphiles living in the Northeast Georgia Mountains. We have a respectable lounge downstairs...(hoping that one night I'll find the ghosts of Steven Crane and Donn Beach down there drinking and can shoot the bull with them in their element)..("if you build it, they will come?" ) If someone can walk me through the process of posting pictures I'll put a couple up of the Fabulous Kon Tiki Paradise Room

Basement Kahuna,
Here is a URL of TC members home bars. oddly enogh it is called Basement Tiki.

This is a repost of directions on how to post pics.

You can't post pics on TC. What you're seeing is a BB Code link to a picture posted somewhere on the web. Stay with me, believe me if I can do it, you can train a monkey to do it.

Step one. Go to Shutterfly.com. This is a free service. They are a good online photo service. One of our Moderators, Mig, works there. It is easy to download photos. here's how

  1. Setup an account. It's easy they only want your Email address.
  2. Download photos. Easy as pie. the step by step will show you how.
  3. Now that your pics are posted they will all have a unique web address.

The pictures you see on TC are a direct link to that web address

Step two. determining the web address

  1. Open your pic on Shutterfly.
  2. Use your mouse, "right click" your pic.
  3. A menu will open. Choose properties (left click).
  4. A properties box will open. there will be a web address (URL)
    to that specific pic.

Step three. posting

  1. Hit the post button on TC.
  2. Copy and paste your pictures web address.
  3. Type ![]( directly before the address No spaces. you must use the brackets
  4. Type ) directly after. No spaces.
  5. Hit submit.
  6. That's it.

Now read TC's FAQ, on posting pictures.

Here's an example

Web address

Pic link

Hit the edit button of this message to see how it looks.
Any Questions?.
[email protected]

[ Edited by: Alnshely on 2002-10-24 13:35 ]

Thanks, kind sir.

Experiment...if this works more to come

Oops...almost forgot one tiki! The "Night of the Tiki" style Marquesan mask behind the bar was carved by yours truly, as well as a Maori Kotiate club and an Akahara club hanging over a window (I don't think those two are in any of the pics). The Kon-Tiki Paradise Room light-up sign was designed and built by me as well. Everything else comes from native hands! Aloha....who gets the first Mai Tai?

Here's a little better shot of Tonga!

You do good work, first rate bar. Thanks for posting.

excellent pics! thanks for sharing! btw, where 'bouts in north georgia do you live? i grew up in chickamauga.

Great pics. Very nice bar. I salute you sir.

Grew up in Augusta but now living in Clayton...more condusive to the antique business. Thanks for the compliments, guys and gals. It's still a work in progress, but a labor of love nonetheless. I plan on winning the lottery one day and building another Mai Kai from the ground up right here in the mountains :)

Oh, P.S..... the bamboo torches are wired to a flicker bulb. I know that "flame" under that thatch looked a bit dangerous in the photos. They look good when those voices on Les Baxter's "The Sacred Idol" kick in.


That looks like a great place to hang out. I'm quite envious. I think we have similar goals, as I plan on winning the lottery as well. Good luck to you Basement Kahuna.

I know the Coke box doesn't exactly go but it is a 1952 model (original condition) and it chills mixes just to that perfect point right above freezing. Who's to say a coke bottle (or drink cooler) couldn't wash up on the beach? Fell off a torpedoed Korean War ship.....

Nice job, Basement Kahuna!

I'm a big fan of mixing other 50's stuff with my tikis as well - I think that Coca Cola cooler looks awesome in your bar.


You Kats have some bitchin bars!
What an inspiration. Unfortunately, I rent my pad, and I have never been one to fix up something that I dont own. The thought of tearing it down or leaving it behind when I move on is heart breaking. I do have a bit of a tiki garden in progress and an ever expanding tiki collection. So I thought I would share some of my pics with y'all.

P.S. all of my plants are in planters or pots so I can take them with me when I move along. Some of my plants I have had for over fifteen years and are some of the best housemates I ever had.

-- I believe that our Heavenly Father invented the monkey because he was disappointed in man."
... Mark Twain

[ Edited by: Chongolio on 2002-10-17 10:36 ]

That's cool...I really like that Cook Islands guy against the reed fence. Where did you find him?

That idol to date is my finest score. I was doing some work for a Vintage Furniture shop in the Monterey Bay area and was checking out their garden section. I spotted it hidden away in a corner next to some cheesy gnomes and deer. I asked the owner how much he wanted for it and he told me to take it. I was stoked, but the owner turned out to be a real haggler when it came down to getting paid for the work I did for him.

We are looking for a REALLY BIG TIKI. 5-6ft. Something with a bit of traditional origin and full body. Anybody have one for sale (to a very good home?). Any tikis that land at our port will recieve a great deal of TLC :)

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