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Finally...The Rock has come back to Tiki!!!

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Have you heard that pro-wrestler The Rock is doind a bio-pic about a Hawaiian king? King Kamehameha I. Could be interesting.....or not.

I hate to say it, but he does kinda look like a statue of Kamehameha that I have. I mean he looks a LOT like him.

But then again, my old band used to have a roadie who looked exactly like the Mudflap Dude profile (the male version of the trucker's nude girl profile cutout). Maybe I see resemblance in everyone.

Do you have that little CocoJoe's Kamehameha statue? The real Kamehameha would have made a fine pro wrestler.


I like The ROCK - he's very appealing in a light-comic sort of way. Which makes me wonder what kind of movie this will be. Somehow I don't think we can look forward to a Merchant-Ivory-style period drama. I think this is a story worth telling on the big screen, but I have serious doubts they will pull it off with any subtlety or grace. Making a live action cartoon out of it (which my money is on) will only cheapen the historical importance of the King's deeds. And it probably won't shed much light on the true history of Hawaii and its people.


I think "I smell what The Rock is cookin."

Sorry, I could help myself!


Uncle Arty

he's actually part hawaiian. He is all ready filming another movie in Hawaii called Helldorado. He will be the next Arnold.


On 2002-10-18 08:05, bamboo ben wrote:
he's actually part hawaiian...

Actually he's not. But he is of both Samoan and African-American ancestry.

Last I heard this project had been put on hold as some have thought that it would be a great taboo for the part of Kamehameha to go to a nationality that was a fierce enemy of the Hawaiians during that time.

Nah the reason it was put on hold was becasue they were originally going to shoot it in Brazil but the first week they showed up there the crew got jacked for all their equipment so they decided to move the shoot to Hawaii. A friend of mine works for a woman that does costuming for movies and is actually in Hawaii right now while they are shooting this, she promised to bring me back all kinds of goodies!!!

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