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Tiki Crawl V pics

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Extra big mahalos to Matiki, Rebecca, Mig & Hanford for a great crawl this year. Great to see all the TC ohana, and meet a few new folks. Here's a few pics from Friday & Saturday:

Hanfords stands watch over the fabulous raffle prizes at Vic's Emeryville on Friday.

Hanford, TraderPup & Humuhumu at first bus stop, Trader Sam's.

Tikifish enjoys a modest beverage.

Martiki also enjoys a refreshing cocktail.

Pup, Martiki, Lui, and Tiki-bot @ Sam's

What would Jab do?

Get the people dancing, of course

Virani spins at the Lingba

SES posted on Sun, Apr 3, 2005 2:41 PM

Looks more like the items are holding Hanford up. :)

If that's Tikifish's drink for the crawl no wonder she stopped shouting.

Those are great!

Thanks mucho for posting the pics. They are great!! Sure looks like we workin' folks :wink: missed a grand time!

Fr. Scott

Great pics Tiki-Bot!

A BIG Malahalo to Hanford, Mig, Martin and Rebecca for their amazing work in putting the crawl together this year. It was a blast!!! I can't say enough.

It was great to see everyone again and to meet many new folks. I can't wait till' next year.

Again, to those who made it all happen... Thank You!


1080-Miles driven round trip to attend the Tiki Crawl from San Diego
400- Dollars spent on Lodging, Food, Drinks, and souvenirs
51- Number of Crazy People on the crawl bus
20- Years that my life was shortened by drinking 3 nights in a row
4- Hours I slept on Saturday Night
Priceless- The fantastic time I had with my friends on the best Tiki Crawl in the world.

Thanks to all who coordinated such a fine event.


Another great time with Tiki Centralites.
Bring on Oasis!


Here's all you need to know about SF Tiki Crawl V:

More soon.


My flight just got in. Newark at 6am was everything I hoped it would be and more. BTW in the photo with the mutant coctail, that it the coat that went missing Saturday night (along with Sabu's). Anyone accidentally grab it opn the way out?

I post pics soon!

Hey Martin,

Can you post a photo and the text of Mayor Gavin's proclamation?


On 2005-04-04 00:17, martiki wrote:
Here's all you need to know about SF Tiki Crawl V:
More soon.

I don't think you can get anymore than that.


On 2005-04-04 00:17, martiki wrote:
Here's all you need to know about SF Tiki Crawl V:

I don't think anyone can follow that! I was gonna post more pics, but now I'm not even gonna bother...


Sabu, Tikifish, Hanford

Don't you just hate it when you go to a party and someone has the exact same outfit on? Not if you're The Drunken Hat!

Humuhumu and Sweetpea

The wall of voodoo at Trader Vic's San Fran

Crystal Chandelier and BigBadTikkiDaddy

Mai Tai and Coco Loco become Fezbians

I wasn't the only one drinking out of a fishbowl. Say hello to Mig!

The TraderSam's sign- still broken 3 years later!

Meet Hulahula, BBTD and Ms Chandelier, othwerwise known as the Swedish Love Toys

Traderpup gets tribal on your ass

Monkeyman and Applevenus

Tikifish and Jungletrader

Virani spins the platters, sans the pupu

Virani and Otto rockthe Lingba Room right

Jungletrader with the ceremonial dong of mystery

Levitation at the Phoenix. Don't try this at home!

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SES posted on Mon, Apr 4, 2005 10:53 AM

Hah! Love those! Thanks!


Thanks for the pics.
Glad everyone is safe and had a good time.


I have a ton of shameful pics to post. I need to downsize them first though, 'cause they're all hi-rez.

Until then, here are a couple to ponder:


Hey, where's "Tongue In Cheeky"? Have you joined up yet, John?

P.S. Anyone need me to remove any of those pics from my post, just holler. :blush:



Virani, Sandrine, and Monkeyman in Fairfax. Sorry, no naked chick pics!

The Tonga Room

'Hmm, Let's see, I know they have Margaritaville in here SOMEWHERE...'

A small crowd awaits the shuttle bus at the Conga Lounge

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thejab posted on Mon, Apr 4, 2005 1:00 PM

Great great, pics pics!

I got them dancing but Virani got them to take their clothes off!


On 2005-04-04 13:00, thejab wrote:
Great great, pics pics!



Here are my pictures, there are some real wein... er, winners in there:


Critiki - Ooga-Mooga - Humu Kon Tiki

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Great pix! We will have to make it to next year's crawl.........


It's time to NAME AND SHAME!

Chongolio: Guilty of Corona Love!

[ Edited by: martiki on 2005-04-04 21:25 ]


OK, everyone- here are some of my favorites:

And a meatstick bloody mary to finish it off.


The rest are here, including lots of gems:


i have totally been enjoying watching these pictures coming in. i think my favorite was watching martiki helping h2 get on the giant... ehem.... tiki
the look on martiki's face is priceless.

but i must say that this one also caught mine eye...

can't wait to see everyone at oasis!

I like this one. Compliments of Martiki.


My pics are finally uploaded. Here are some of my favorites:

Martiki's place

Mr. Vice Grip's Bamboo Bar

Trader Vic's Emeryville

:music: :music: Let's hear it for the Bartender, she is the best! :music: :music:

Chongolio makes a Corona disappear! Voila!

Mig makes a drink disappear as well. Voila!!!

Club Mallard

by Chongolio.

I liked the SFTC-V because it was fun and i got to see lots of old friends and meet some new ones for the first time. Some people I got to meet for the first time more than once. It was also a pleasure to meet Virani and Tikifish and hear thier accents in person rather than in a post.
There was plenty of good music, dancing and drinks. Some people made fun of me because I was drinking beer but it was OK, because the next morning when they had their head in their hands I still had a beer in mine (and some money in my wallet.)
I also got to go on the most wildest cab rides I have ever been on. I have never seen pedestrians run for there lives before nor have I passed stopped traffic in a parking lane doing 40 mph so we could run the red light. whew!
It was also funny watching the Drunken Hat chase after the bus. He can run a long way but he is not very fast. I think the reason he wanted back on the bus so badly was because Tikicleen was on the bus with an empty seat next to her. He also knew Hula Hula was on the bus!
Other things I liked were Sabu's stories and his Monkey skull necklace. Bill and Maria's fezzes, Seamus's new tikis sculptures, Unga Bunga's Heroic portions of word salad. Monkeyman's monkey bus replete with Monkeyman graphics. Talkin' story by the pool, Shelly's Tiki jammies, Thejabs surf guitar records, Poly Pop and Jungle Traders good natured one upping of one another and Hula Hula undying enthusiasm for all things woman. Even getting stuck in the bathroom on the bus was kinda fun.
Special thanks to everyone who granted me name amnesty and to all who took the time to check out and give feedback on the Kamapua'a book.
One more giant MAHALO to Hanford, Martiki, Mig and Rebecca for all they did to make this a fun and memorable event!
A few of my pics:

See y'all at Oasis!

-- I believe that our Heavenly Father invented the monkey because he was disappointed in man."
... Mark Twain

Come explore http://www.lost-isle.com

On 2005-04-04 22:13, martiki wrote:
The rest are here, including lots of gems:


OMG This one is a real beauty!

Words fail me when trying to describe the great time I had at the 2005 SF Crawl. So I'm going borrow some words from my copy of "The Shore Fishes of the Hawaiian Islands, with a General Account of the Fish Fauna", by David Starr Jordan and Barton Warren Evermann. Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission, Vol. XXIII, for 1903 to help me out.

First of all, big Oopuka-Hai-Hais to Martin, Rebecca, Hanford and Mig for all the work they put into making this such a polished, fun event. And Hanford's bus-driving skills were truly Akilolo, but you probably already know that.

The drive North in the Monkey Bus with Monkeyman, Virani, and his wife, Sandrine was a lot of fun too. I tried to use my best Maurice Chevalier voice at all times to make them feel right at home, repeating the only French phrase that I know, which is "Oh ho ho, mon-ami. I am always ready to, how-you-say, Put On Zee Show" which I learned from Pierre the Macaw in Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room. This worked so well at making Sandrine feel at home, that after about 5 minutes she put her stereo headphones and fell asleep.

The unveiling of Martin and Rebecca's new Novato Grotto on Thursday night was well worth all the Hilupilikoa, let me tell you. At precisely the same minute that Krakatoa exploded, one-hundred and twenty-two years earlier, Martin pulled the lever made from the carved thighbone of an ancient Maori witchdoctor and the hydraulic tikicchino-hybrid brass engine let out a high-pitched wail like Yma-Sumac. Powered by pure Absinthe-steam, it raise the rolled, Aku-Aku-coin counterweights, which in turn switched on the Exotica music, dimmed the lights and slowly rolled back the velvet curtain, revealing what is perhaps the most perfectly-imagined home tiki-bar that I have ever seen. Here is a picture I took of it:

I still don't know how he got that 'O'opuhue inside the glass float!

I shared drinks for the first time with The Drunken Hat, Tikicleen, Tiki Monkey and many others. Then it was off to Mr. Vice Grip's Bamboo Room, where we met up with Humuhumu and Tikifish. Mister Vice Grip has a cool name. I think maybe I will change my name to Sabu The Needlenose Boy. Maybe not.

The Mayor of Fairfax read a proclaimation declaring March 31st "Tiki Day In Fairfax". Then some woman flashed her Ala-ihis at him during the newspaper photograph and suddenly he declared the entire month of March "Tiki Month in Fairfax" and handed Martiki the key to the city or his Hyundai - I don't remember which. Martin tried reading phony proclaimations from mayors each succeeding night, hoping that a naked girl would appear again, but it was not to be. Good try though on his part.

Project Pimento and Ape sounded fantastic. Humuhumu danced. Monkeyman filmed the bands. Tikifish bought me a drink. It was strange and wonderful to talk to Tikifish without constantly checking over my shoulder to see if my boss was nearby so I could close the Shout window. What a relief to get back to work on Monday so that I could be my natural self again with her, without all this face-to-face Ulaula. AuĂȘ!

The next morning, Monkeyman, Virani, Sandrine and myself hiked to the top of Mount Tamalpais in the Mill Valley area to work off the Chi-Chis from the night before.

It was one of those rare, sunny, warm mornings with almost nobody on the trails. The exercise felt great and the air was clean and clear. From the top of the peak at just over 2,500 feet, there was a fantastic view of San Francisco, clear as could be, without a trace of fog. Even though it was over 10 miles as the crow flies, I could still make out the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Jungle Trader's giant penis carving.

With that landmark in site, we had no trouble getting to the Phoenix Hotel before the buses left at 4:00pm. I really liked the Phoenix Hotel, with its modernist 1960s architecture, custom-tiled swimming pool, and one of the best Continental Breakfast/Bikini Model Shoots that I've ever experienced. Five stars!

Here we picked up Hula Hula (not a fish name), Chongolio (not a fish name), and Seamus (not a fish name) and Jauna among others. Leaving the sparkling hotel grounds on the way to the Tonga Room, you were suddenly faced again with the funky urban-ness of the Civic Center of San Francisco. "For those of you new to the City," said Hanford as he drove, "If you look out to the left you can get a glimpse of some authentic San Francisco hookers."

I craned my neck and sure enough, walking quickly down the sidewalk were several women in garish, tight-fitting dresses who practically exuded an air of cheap sexuality. Then in embarassment I realized it was Humuhumu, Tikifish, and Crystal Chandelier, running to catch the next shuttle bus. It's humor like that that makes Hanford a god to me.

The Tonga Room had to be one of the highlights of the weekend for me, with its high ceilings, dim lighting, ship's masts and riggings, dense foliage, and giant tikis lurking in the shadows. The minute we arrived a rainstorm showered the central pool from the overhanging roofs. I was in heaven! The restaurant was mostly empty, so we could roam to our hearts content, snapping pictures. Big Al bought me a drink. Even the buffet wasn't half bad this time. Of course, I didn't partake of the buffet, so maybe that was the reason.

The food was better at our next stop, the Conga Lounge, as were the Mai Tais. Shelley bought me a drink. From this point we headed over to Trader Vic's Emeryville, another high point for me. Great Tikis and decor. We had a private ballroom, just for the Tiki-Central party. The way we filled that room was a testament to the dedication, comraderie, and tiki spirit that only an over-bloated raffle can create.

"How many tickets would you like?" Martin asked me when my turn in line came up. I tried my best to judge how many tickets would give me a good chance at winning a prize. I counted the number of prizes. Then I counted the number of people. Then I counted the number of prizes again.

"One please" I said.

The fact that I won five different prizes with that single ticket should be a lesson to all those TC'ers who decided to stay home this weekend. The lesson, of course, is that the contest was rigged in favor of Sabu The Coconut Boy, but don't let that stop you next year.

The Mai-Kai Gents played some stellar sets. Humuhumu danced. Monkeyman filmed the band. We all sweated. Someone bought me drinks. The high point of the evening for me, however, was meeting the famous Kohalacharms in person! Traderpup introduced us and we had a great discussion on mug-collecting. I even gave him one of my rare Pele mugs in trade for a future visit to his house to see his collection. The strange thing was, Midnight Tiki's wife seemed to know Kohalacharms very well. Almost too well if you get my drift, the way they were holding hands and practically glued together at the waist. And it was a shame I never got to meet Midnight Tiki himself. I hear he's quite a joker and we probably would have gotten along great. Oh Well.

After getting the drunken guests shuttle buses and taxis back to their hotels, Hanford chose a select group of us (those who could stand upright), to drive back to the Conga Lounge for more drinks and dancing. The DJ played a selection of Salsa and Merenge which Humuhumu danced to, and I deluded myself into believing I could still remember how to dance to. Monkeyman was filming the back of his eyelids in his hotel room. Someone bought us two big scorpion bowls and there was a limbo contest. Which I vaguely remember not winning. My eyelids were having their own limbo contest, playing "how low can you go". So was newcomer John's pants. I propped my eyes back open and discovered that I could now see two of everything. which was good because I was now dancing with two Humuhumus. Sitting back at the bar, Seamus was regaling me with tales of heart-stopping adventure. My monkey skull necklace began to talk to me. I ordered it a drink. Hanford calling us back to the bus. Vague recollection of stumbling into my hotel room and falling into bed, taking a lamp with me. In the next bed, Monkeyman doesn't even move. I fall asleep.

Ah. Saturday. The big day. The KikaKapu day. I wake up refreshed. Partake of the usual Continental Breakfast and Bikini Photo Shoot with HulaHula, Jungle Trader, Monkeyman, HumuHumu, Al, Seamus and others. We have a little relaxed shopping time in Japantown during the day. I buy a Hello Kitty Breathalizer and Handcuff kit, then suddenly it's 4:00pm and time for the next night of festivities to begin!

First we walk to the new San Francisco Trader Vics. I gotta tell you, I was really impressed. I like cluttered tiki bars as much as the next guy, but I like clean, stylish, minimilist tiki bars just as much. And the new Trader Vic's was one of the best. Not as dark as your typical tiki restaurant, but with high cielings, beautiful wood, and clean lines. There was plenty of tiki decor to go around, but it was displayed nicely. Kind of what a Ralph Lauren safari room might look like, except with New Guinea masks instead of animal trophy heads on the wall. Many HUGE Marquesan tikis and the biggest outrigger canoe I've ever seen hanging from the cieling. Best of all, it was a relaxed atmosphere, with Hawaiian music playing lightly in the background, which allowed me to sit at the tables and have great conversation with many people. The drinks were dirt cheap by Trader Vic's standards ($7.50 Mai Tais) just for our group, and waiters and waitresses brought appetizers around to us on trays. They treated us real nice.

Outside Vic's we boarded the giant tiki bus which had been prepared and lovingly decorated for us. I had only one complaint with the bus, and that was that I couldn't get any reading done with all the shouting and laughing and people serving me drinks every ten minutes. Please, people!

The first stop was Trader Sam's. One of the oldest pre-tiki bars around, (possibly from the late 1930s?), walking inside is like stepping into one of my old linen postcards. Old-school thick rattan (not bamboo) bar forming a half circle in the center of the restaurant. Cozy booths along the walls, each in a rattan cage with bent-rattan archways to each booth spelling a different South Seas island. Drop-down art-deco shaped ceiling above the bar done in tight-woven matting-the kind they don't make anymore. There's not many of these places left in the world. I was transported back into the 1940s and found myself asking, "What Would the Jab Do?". He would probably buy me a drink. Yes, I was correct. There was the Jab ordering me a Yellow Bird in a tall hurricane glass.

Next stop was old Tiki Bob himself. Believe it or not, Folks, Tiki Bob is actually a large load-bearing pillar in front of a store. Yes, it's true. I found it unbelievable myself. The Hawaiian legends from the Island of Bob don't mention this, and thus you are unprepared. I didn't even realize that Bob had a face until I saw the photographs. I thought he was just a cylinder. That's because I ran up from behind, jumped in the picture, then ran back to the bus from behind Tiki Bob, never running around to the front to take a look. I blame this on the Jab and his treacherous Yellow Bird.

By the time we get out of the bus again at The Bamboo Hut, I've already had six drinks. I'm pretty happy. I'm told that the Bamboo Hut is in a district of San Francisco called the "Nude Girls". I can see this is true by looking at the signs up and down the street. My best memory of the Bamboo Hut is that this is where the bartender taught me the Malolo trick with the flaming volcano-bowl. If you stick your finger quickly into the flaming 151 rum in the middle of the volcano, your finger will be coated with a blue flame of rum itself. This looks impressive. To a very drunk person this looks very impressive. You must remember to blow out your finger fairly quickly though. I bought several volcano bowls just so I could show off this trick as much as possible. Once one finger is gone, you can use another finger. It's all completely safe.

The final stop of the night was the Lingba Lounge. By this time I suddenly had a revelation. And that revelation was: "I never want to have another rum drink as long as I live." Then I had a second revelation. And that revelation was: "I need to sit down". Amazingly I found the last available seat in the bar. Right back at a small table by the djs. Here I could watch Otto and The Jab and Virani spin their eclectic collection of records and at the same time enjoy the fact that various women, each having their own second revelations, were sitting in my lap. This was a good way to wind down the evening. Monkeyman was filming the djs. Humuhumu was dancing.

But seriously, drinking steadilly for three nights in a row really played havoc with my Ulua Pauu. It wasn't until I had a nice, greasy Lae-Nihi with cheese at McDonalds on the drive home the next day that I began to feel better. I think I may even force down a Mai Tai in a week or so, if somebody's buying.


[ Edited by: Sabu The Coconut Boy on 2005-04-07 09:33 ]

Crazy, crazy.
Ahh, the cab drivers were whacked!!!! Hula Hula is one crazy fun dude. Tanks fo da mug Unga Bunga. Tanks fo da cigar Limp. Thanks fo the good times everybody. Drunken Hat was hilarious. He missed the bus and Smiley Man saw his head bobbin' down the street chasin' the bus. I'll let you tell the story Drunken Hat. The Linguica Lounge was most fun with the after hours party too. Pork chop was funny. Mahalo to Seamus for the tiki and Monkeyman for the shirts. Mahalo to Mig, Hanford, Otto, Martiki, & Chasers. It was good to finally meet Virani (spinnin' and layin down da hottest drum beat), and Fish, Crystal, Midnite. If I missed your name here forgive me. I'll post pics later. Chongolio braddah!!! Poly Pop = Mr. Insider, a true secret agent man. You guys are all whacked but not like the cab drivers. Hey Al and Shell of da' Pacific, you got the big penis cuz you're hearts are so big. Does that make sense?

thejab posted on Tue, Apr 5, 2005 6:46 PM

Great recap Sabu! I practically relived the weekend!

And thanks for sharing your postcard collection. Formidable!


Man, oh, man that was quite a weekend! The Gents y The Mysterious Miss Mauna Loa had a blast playing for the gang at Trader Vic's! Thanks for the cheering, the dancing, and the aloha spirit. I really enjoyed seeing you all and getting the chance to catch up a bit with all my buddies. See y'all at the next luau!

-Iuka Grogg


With y'all's many vivid photos and especially Sabu's step-by-step retelling, I feel like I was there - I even feel vaguely hungover.

Thanks all of you of your sharing.

Why didn't I come this year???


Shell in the Pacific writes...

I believe you and I had the same revelation! (The first one I mean, about never drinking again.) But then on second thought...I need to stay in shape... Oasis is less than a month away! I wouldn't want to have to crap out early just because I was out of practice. "Hey Al Baby, make me a Mai Tai!"

I'm glad to know there is someone else who appreciates tikis even if they are made of snuggly, purple flannel, and meant to be worn in bed.

I don't know how I ever got so lucky!! So I am on the receiving end this time, huh? How can I ever thank you? Monkey Man delivered the massive phalic symbol just before sundown, Sunday evening. I hope the neighbors did not see us loading the thing into the house! I can't leave it outside because I don't even want to begin to think what will be going through my Latino gardeners' minds! Aye Carumba!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the SF Tiki Crawl V a success! This was our first SF crawl, and the OC Crawl has got a really tough act to follow. Get on it Bong! (Oh did you want me to help?)

I enjoyed meeting you all over and over, and even so I still can't remember who you are. So, that must mean I had a good time!

29 days to Oasis and counting!
I love you all, my Tiki Ohana,
Shell in the Pacific
(Pearly Shell)

pablus posted on Tue, Apr 5, 2005 9:57 PM


Better than pics.

Well, I finally made it to Tiki Central after what I have to say was one of the best times I've had in recent memory ... umm ... make that haze of drunken forgetfullness! I enjoyed meeting all of you, even the ones who weren't expecting a "random with abandon" to elbow his way into the sanctum sanctorum of all that is tiki, shirtless (and sometimes pantsless), carrying a flaming monkey bowl as communion chalice and a pineapple wafer, a dirty vicar at that, full of booze drenched confidence and ... oh, whatever! You get the drift!

I just want to say thank you to absolutely everyone I met last weekend. I think you're probably the most enjoyable group to be around that I've met in a long time and I'm hoping I'll see you again soon -- maybe even at Oasis if Otto gives me a volunteer spot and I can afford a place to stay. Any offers? I promise to keep my pants on unless asked to remove them...

Thanks Mai Tai for all the pics. You seem to have captured the essence of my time spent with you all, though in my memory I don't remember looking so drunk, sweaty and bloated. Oh, and the demonic red-eye was a good one too. Thanks for that close up! It was well worth wading through those pics, though, to get to the gem -- HumuHumu riding that giant schlong. It's on my hard drive right now and will forever be part of my system backups.

I wish I could ramble on here and thank everyone individually, cuz lord knows I love to talk ... (well, just one -- Seamus, thanks again for not getting upset that I kept hitting on your wife, but as you know she does have cute toes!) ... Anyway, I've got to get to work for da man so I can afford the next flaming monkey bowl.

Peace out to all the tiki peeps!

John "Tonga-in-Chiki" Fesenko
(now it's official!)

Welcome aboard Tonga-in-Chiki!!


Hello Everyone! It was really fantastic to meet all of you and I had the most excellent weekend in my home town with everyone! Next year I really must not miss out on the bus-- driving around and searching for parking even in a relatively sober state of mind was no fun! Thanks for a very special weekend and lots of very good drinks. :D I hope to see many of you again, maybe even before next year! I have quite a few fun photos that I'm working on getting on the web. I'll post the link in a day or two (poor old home computer is sooooo sllllooooowww).


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I am certainly glad everyone had so much fun. Reading all the posts and seeing the pictures was the next best thing to being there. Why do you guys have to be sooo far away? Can't wait to see more pic's.

seamus posted on Wed, Apr 6, 2005 2:55 PM

Well, well well,

We rolled in to our driveway late last night after the 10 hr drive home. The fun filled memories were still bouncing around in our road weary heads, but reading the posts and seeing the pictures here have put it all into a pleasant context that helps fill in some of the gaps.
Thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome in this, our first out of state Tiki event. The Tiki Central family truly hassome of the most gracious and welcoming people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was a real treat to get to see some of the fantastic Tiki establishments included in the crawl- even the ones we'd seen before!

Some of my favorite moments:
The limbo contest that Jauna(Mrs.Seamus) almost won. (She repeatedly reminded me on the trip home how the winner should've been disqualified for putting her hand down.)
Seeing the plaque I donated raffled off and won at the sacred Trader Vics.
Hanging out with da boys upstairs talking Tiki, and all about vending at Oasis.
Late night drinks with Humuhumu and Hanford back at the Phoenix.
The Bus. oh yeah, and watching The Drunken Hat running to catch up to the bus, only to have it take off again. Repeatedly.
The after hrs. party back at our room. Though I didn't realize that Tonga-in-Cheeky had removed his pants on our bed until I saw the pics in this thread.

Big thankyous to all those who purchased my Tikis over the weekend, and even bigger thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this crawl happen. We will never forget it!!

Jauna(Mrs.Seamus)cheers while Humuhumu checks for yet another winning ticket.

The proud moment when my Plaque was raffled off.

The bus.

Tonga-in-Cheeky gettin his groove on!

what the last drink looked like- that I remember...

My only regret is that we didn't wear name tags the entire time so I could have a fighting chance at remembering them all. Looking at the pics here also makes me realise how many people I didn't get a chance to meet- or at least I don't remember meeting! This will likely become an annual trip for us so maybe after 4 or 5 years I too won't need the name tags.

Tonga-in-Cheeky, glad to see you made it on board. No worries brother. The fact that you still have both your legs intact is testament that you didn't cross the line, and I'm a good sport! Welcome to Tiki Central!!
See you all at Tiki Oasis!


[ Edited by: seamus on 2005-04-06 17:09 ]


Ahhhh... Now I finally have a moment to post properly. I had very high expectations for this crawl, and I have to say they were handily beat. The only low part was the heartbreak of having to see my dearest friends making the supreme sacrifice on Thursday and Friday nights, and not drinking so we could be safely shuttled about.

Huge, huge, huge thanks to our official organizers Mig, Hanford and Martin, and the unofficial organizer, Rebecca. I know they all put a lot of effort and love into the planning, but I also know from talking to Mig & Hanford that the one who really made this happen, the one who managed to get Fairfax, Oakland and San Francisco to declare it "Tiki Day," the one who is truly responsible for making what could have only been "hey, wouldn't it be cool if" musings into actual memories of an incredible time that we all get to share forever, is Martiki. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you. Martin, you deserve every single good thing life can give you.

Some of my favorite parts of the weekend include: the Phoenix, which is a great little hotel and is where I'll be staying again when I find myself in SF; getting to spend time with Seamus & Jauna, getting to meet tikifish, finally -- it felt a little weird being able to look her in the eyes while talking to her -- she and her friend Crystal Chandelier were a blast; Unga Bunga's impromptu songs about the shuttle bus, which he likely doesn't remember :wink:; the unexpected whirlwind that was Tonga-in-Chiki, who made your resident wild child look like a schoolmarm (very glad to see you found your way here to TC, TiC, and I hope we see you at Oasis); the continuing dysfunctional love/hate co-dependent relationship with the f*@#ing Tonga Room; riding the giant cock; Big Bad Tiki Daddy's incredibly thoughtful gift -- a lovely and very tiny aloha shirt that fits me perfectly; watching Hanford finally able to have a drink (or three) post-shuttle, courtesy of Jauna; meat sticks & mechanically separated chicken; helping Hanford with his meat stick; limbo at the Conga Lounge, and the ensuing bruises; going origami crazy at the Japan center, and Al graciously waiting while Shelley & I had some very good sushi off of little boats; dancing, dancing, more dancing, never enough dancing; forgetting yet again that the Mallard opens at 12, not 11; getting to share my position on the relative merits of the different brands of cheddar-flavored crackers (Cheez-its have none); and the sweet healing powers of Pla-Doh.

A few pictures (the rest are here if you missed the link earlier: http://photo.humuhumu.com/v/sftikicrawl2005/)

For some reason, all the guys had goofy looks on their faces at the Bamboo Bar in Fairfax...

Could it have had something to do with the arrival of Crazy Naked Lady? (seen here, licking Tonga-in-Chiki -- no, the other one licking Tonga-in-Chiki):

Mig, AppleVenus, Hanford & me:

The rooms at the Phoenix all had these cool little bamboo xylophone thingys, which probably have a proper name that I don't know:

Me an' sweetpea:

Meet baby pineapple!:

My newly won dashboard hula doll gets put to good use:

Jauna dominates the limbo contest, even though she had to hold her dress closed with one hand:

Partaking in one of many, many volcano bowls enjoyed over the weekend:

A lovely tiki at the new SF Trader Vic's:

A look of crazed madness settles into Martiki's face as he's finally able to hold his very first drink of the weekend:

The lovely tikifish displays her hard-won almost-drivers license:

No, you cannot have some of tikifish's drink:

The Women of Mig:

The finger-in-the-flaming-151 trick gone awry:

Me an' Hanford:

Martin, busy hexing people:

Yes, we've all seen me ride the giant cock (which was great fun, btw), but Martin got his own special time in, too:

My Pla-Doh Cheez-It:

My Pla-Doh International Tiki Day Flapjacks:

Hanford's ceramic owl:

Tonga-in-Cheeky's donut, with actual crushed-shell sprinkles:

Big love to you all, and thank you for the wonderful time! Next stop: Oasis!

Critiki - Ooga-Mooga - Humu Kon Tiki

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Hey Tonga-in-Chiki, welcome aboard!!!

Geez, great pictures taken by all. I'm still basking in the afterglow. Here all all of my pictures. Feel free to peruse through the folders, and download whatever you want, there are some real gems in there.

Low Resolution photos here:
Picture link

Hi Resolution versions of the pics here:
Picture link

Thanks again to Martin and Rebecca, Hanford, Mig, Humuhumu, and everyone that made it such a great crawl! My fez is off to you!
-Mai Tai

P.S. Damn, Tonga-in-Chiki, you should be adopted as the TC official mascot! :D

"It's Mai Tai. It's out of this world." - Victor Jules Bergeron Jr.

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Heck, if someone designs a mascot costume for me, I'll wear it in a heart beat!
Especially if it's got one of those pj bottom flaps for easy mooning access!
(Oops, I forgot I promised not to do that anymore :wink:)

all i can say is i never thought i would be running in dress shoes through S.F. ( actually i kinda felt like micheal douglas in the streets of san francisco which was oddly cool)

you know that totally breaks my #1 rule in life which is : only run when chased!

any way on a serious note it was a pleasure to meet everyone this weekend. fish, sabu, mai tai, monkeyman, tonga, hula hula, seamus and jauna, my doppelganger from the filthy thieving bastards and everyone else who i forgot.(hey i was drinking you know!)

and lastly it was great to see all of our old friends as well. you all know who you are!

many many many thanks to all who were involved in the planning and execution of one hell of a crawl!

edited for spelling

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Aloha all and a big mahalo to martiki,rebecca, mig and hanford for another awesome crawl.Lots of hard work and time was spent on ensuring we all had fun and I really appreciat that. OK so on to the rest. First i'd like to apogize to all the married women out there who I either groped or hit on while in toxicated :wink:my bad.
I was really glad to see so many old faces:
polypop (my homie)
al n shelly ( the older bro n sis I look up too)
trade vic ( my roomie)
humu2 ( boing )
monkey man ( da man wit da cam )
bigbadtikidaddy ( da man )
sabu ( the keeper of of that is holy)
tikimama and melinture ( my fav)
tikimonkey ( the stepchild)
martiki adn rebecca( my family)
mig ( loss for words)
wierduncle tiki ( keep on playing judd, we love it all)
sweetpea (awe so cute)
the jab ( the one and only)
mr smiley ( you have the power)
tradepup ( mad man)
tikibot and his lovely wife( sniff I need a tissue)

thank you all....

and to the new face for me , sorry if I miss you I cant remeber it all.
unga bunga ( unstoppable)
chongolio ( my brother)
seamus and jaunus ( punk rock tiki)
the hat and tikicleen ( wonderful )
espiranza and peter ( crazy, looking foward to more)
tongue and cheeky ( um....I wont go there)
veranui and his lovey wife ( that girl can dance)
hanford ( finally we meet, dum dum dum...)
I forgot your name but the ppl form virgina ,( hope to see u next year)
tikifish ( wow)
crystal chandelier( wow o wow)

well that all my little brain can think of, thank you one and all....
Sorry if i missed taking pics of some of you , and I also deleted so pics to protec the innocent. :)

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