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Taboo Cove Tonight... say 8/9 ish.....

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Ok so polynesian pop and myself wil be hitting up the cove tonight, anyone else out in the area? come one come all :)


I was just in Vegas 2 weeks ago and was told Taboo Cove had been renamed Venus. My girlfriend and I went and had a great time - but did we miss another place? Is there still a taboo cove? And if so, where?



Taboo cove is the Tiki bar to the left of Venus. Venus is/was the swanky nicely decorated 50's modernistic lounge to the right of Taboo cove (about eight feet from each other). If you went in the tiki bar that is Taboo cove.

Hula Hula...are you back from Taboo Cove? I read that you were going there and I just now read Trader Shlog's post ref. West coast & South west Tiki updates. Is it true what he reports about Taboo Cove? No Tiki Drinks and No Tiki Music...Say it isnt so.

Just returned from Vegas last night. Got spend some time with Sin-City local Hula Hula and his Mrs. We hit up Taboo Cove, Kahunaville, Cheeseburger at the Oasis, Honolulu Co and Hilo Hattie's all in ONE night! Here's some pics:

Mrs Hula, Hula Hula and Polynesian Pop enjoy drinks and the tiki stylings of Bosko at Taboo Cove.

Hey, isn't that? Yeah, it's that shirt! Buffet Tiki what's your size?

Hula Hula and some bathtub Puffers!

One of the many tiki mug displays at Cheeseburger at the Oasis in the Aladdin Resort.

Hula Hula and Mrs Hula at the Mai Tai Bar in Cheeseburger at the Oasis.

Here's some more stuff from the nights following:

My visit to ABC Stores of Hawaii on Fremont Street. Not as many tikis as the ABC's in Hawaii but still much Islander stuff available. Hawaiian Tees were 8 or 9 bucks and Hawaiian Shirts were about 19-20 bucks. Ukes were 10 bucks.

ABC Store on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas.

My visit to Papyrus at The Luxor. Papyrus still has 4 tikis carved by Oceanic Arts' very own legend Leroy Schmaltz. It is located on the second floor in entertainment area of the Pyramid:

A special thanks to the hospitality of Mr and Mrs Hula Hula for driving out from Summerlin to pick me up at the Hard Rock Hotel and show me all the tiki that Vegas has to offer!

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