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technical question for hanford

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Why are my background colors all disappearing? First it happened at home, now as soon as I posted from work it has happened again. Are you using a faulty cookie? Is anybody else having this problem?

I'm not sure what you mean. is the background color changing to White?

There are multiple skins to this board, you can change them by clicking "edit your preferences" then changing the theme at the bottom.

I did design one to be old-school ala Yahoo Groups.



Yes, it changed to white, but I didn't do anything to change it. Now it's back to green again - at least at work. At home it is still white. I guess I need to poke around with the preferences a little more and see if I can understand what is going on.


Now it's back to white again.

OK, it's all better now.

Somehow, I got the preference set to "old School." I don't know how it happened. I don't think I did it, at least not knowingly, and I don't understand why it was toggling between the green and white, but it's all back to green now.

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