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Here are some of the tikis I encountered on my recent trip. I'm not so great with the digital camera yet, but I ended up with some interesting shots.

The sign is from Auckland International Airport.

I found this a few hours later when I got lost in Auckland.

I went the the Otara Market the following day. These next two were inside the recreation center.

Then I found my way to the Auckland War Museum.

Kava Kava crucifix?

I got incredibly lost trying to find Kare Kare beach, but I was rewarded for my efforts with more tiki. He stands at the base of the path that leads to the beach.

The next day I made the long drive up to Waitangi (without getting lost at all.)

This chair is inside the Treaty House.

Several days later I spent some time wandering around Rotorua.

This is the coolest fence I've ever seen.

I walked to the Whakarewarewa Thermal Village and came across a few tikis along the way.

There was a marae around the corner.

I passed a hotel with this nice little arrangement out in front.

This was in front of the inn where I was staying.

I went to the haka and hangi at the Tamaki Moari Village. It looked fantastic at night with the tikis lit up.

On the way back to town one afternoon, I spotted this letterbox and had to pull over.

I wish more of the museums had allowed photography, but I still took hundreds of pictures, and I have some amazing memories.

Looks like you had a great trip! Thank-you for sharing your pictures with us. I'd love to visit myself someday.

Mahalo for posting those.
Someday I will get there.


Awesome pix, Kate!

We were lucky enough to visit NZ a few years ago. You saw many things that I was barely conscience of at the time. Your pix brought back great memories and a longing to go back.

Mahalo for sharing.


Thanks Tiki-Kate, Those were GREAT Pictures. NZ is the ONE place I would Love to visit, but probably never will be able to. Seeing pictures is the next best thing and yours were great. If you had the time I'd love you to email me the rst of the pic if you could?Thanks for sharing.

On 2005-04-17 15:50, Benzart wrote:
If you had the time I'd love you to email me the rst of the pic if you could?

No problem. I'll send them in a couple of days.





Was in New Zealand recently and thought I'd share just a few pics. Will be sharing more in the Grand Ceremonial forum over the next week or so.

Upon entering the main section of the Auckland airport, there's this Maori archway:

And the sign Kate took a photo of is still there:

Here's a marae at Te Puia in Rotorua:

Also in Te Puia:


Wow, what amazing sculptures! As a Christian, I particularly liked the crucifix... It's always fascinating to see how other cultures render those familiar images in forms particular to them.

Great photos

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