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Ok, Euro-folks.
I'll be making a few PAL video copies of the BBC Tiki documentary for those who don't have access to a video player that can deal with both NTSC & PAL.
Please note that this is for the BBC doc only (about half an hour long).

BigBro's video lasts longer (2 Documentaries) and is better quality so all
you folks on NSTC (US video system) should purchase that instead.
See the other video thread for details.

The cost essentially covers the price of a tape and postage to either the UK or Europe. £3 in the UK or 5 Euros to European addresses.
Sorry, no orders from the US/Canada........buy BigBro's tape.

I'm only doing a few copies, so e-mail at [email protected] before Nov 1st if you want one.

Trader Woody

whoa- isnt this BBC copyright infringment?

And why arent you giving this to us for free? You could put it up on kazaa

at a £109 a year for a television licence I feel we brits have a right to infringe their copyright.

Quit yer whining Fatuhiva.

Once again you are mixing up people's posts.
Read mine again SLOWLY and then apologise.

My gripe with your Tiki Gardens LP was that you pretended you were going to make it available to Tiki Central and then posted a link to eBay. Nothing to do with copyright law. And if you were so concerned with that, why didn't you attack BigBro's posts regarding the same BBC show?

The costs for the tape are just that...costs.
Tape & postage. Nothing more.

Once again, read my posts.

In 'The Spirit of Tiki' (Your repeated mis-quote)

Trader Woody

You're awesome

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