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Happy Birthday, Sabu!

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All the best to my #1 garage sale-in', skewer-grillin', monkey-skull wearin', alligator-mug drinkin', postcard collectin', Pele-mug givin', all-around happiness bringin' buddy - the true personification of the aloha spirit and one of the finest human beings I've ever known. Period.


Hear, hear! Sabu's a good coconut. One of the first folks to befriend me when I moved to Los Angeles; a sweetheart of a man, and funny & intelligent to boot. His wife Tikibelle is a very lucky goil. Happy Birthday, Sabu!

Happy birthday Sabu -- you're the best Tiki Oasis stealth roommate ever! :lol:

We love you Sabu! Your generosity and friendliness, and yes, even the silliness are all very much appreciated.

Hope this birthday is the best one yet!

Hope you find a rare "Sabu the Coconut" mug!

Happy Happy Birthday SABU!!!! Not only do I think you are a swell guy - I also heard that alot of Iguana's think your alright as well!!! You are such a great person to Shout with and you Crack me up!!! I was glad to finnally meet you in person at Oasis!!! Have a Great Birthday!!!!

I spent 16 hours in a car with Sabu not to long ago and was able learn more about the man behind the myth.

In addition to his incredible barefoot tree climbing skills, agility in the tops of coconut palms, and ability to befreind tigers he's also just nice guy.

Nice guys finish first in my book.

Happy 50th Birthday Sabu


Happy birthday!!!



Have a great birthday!

eel posted on Wed, May 11, 2005 5:49 PM


Hmmm it's my best friend, Jen's, Birthday too! doo dee doo dee dooo

Happy Birthday Sabu!

happy birthday from the northwoods...I'll
toast you with a Pele Mug mai tai!

:music: Happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy Birthday, Sabu! :music:

Three cheers for a very knowledgable fellow for whom we are luck to have on TC. I promise I will one day get around to that urban anthropology for you. I did find some postcards of "The Castaways" that you can have if you don't already have them.

:drink: :drink: :drink:

True dat. Tim is a class act guy all the way and I only wish the very best for him and his! God bless buddy and Feliz Cumpleanos!!!!

sabu is all dat and a bag of potato chips (snap snap snap)

happiez birth day of you!!! garcon du noix du coco!!!


Happy Birthday, Sabu !

Happy B-Day to one of the gift-givingest ones of the lot of us!

Your damn Lucky that your birthday was not during Tiki Oasis; You’d still be wondering what planet your on.

My dear Sabu
You are fabu
and so I say
Happy birthday to you


Happy Birthday Sabu!
Or, Darth By A Ship Pub!

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Have a happy day, Sabu! I'm drinking a toast to you right now!


Happy Birthday Sabu!

Remember, birthdays are good for you.
The more you have, the longer you live!


Happy Birthday! I'll have a few for you tonight :wink:


Happy Birthday Sabuuuu!



Happy Birthday Old Snail Cheeks!!!!

With more years come more tikis!
Happy Birthday Sabu!
I hope it's so good, you can't remember all of it!

Happy Birthday!! Hope to see you at Hukilau and give you big hugs!

Hau'oli la hanau Sabu!!
I'm glad I finally got to meet ya at the SF Tiki Crawl.

Happy Sabu day! You ol lizard chaser.


bon anniversaire Sabu, le garçon noix de coco, MON AMI.

Happy Birthday Sabu, good to meet you last week

SES posted on Thu, May 12, 2005 4:52 AM

Happy happy Birthday.... :)

Happy birthday my good man. May you find an unopened box of TikiBobs today.



I feel so loved!

Thankyou all for you good wishes and toasts raised. I'm overwhelmed. Finding my TC family has definitely been one of the best things to happen in my short (42-year-old) life. Even if I've never met you in person, I feel like I've known you all my life. (42 years).

Doctor Z - Thanks my friend. The feeling is mutual. You're one of the finest human beings I know as well. That's why you're my best friend. Now where's my mai tai?

Eel - You're so hot
I am not
But killer rhymes is what I got.

Purple Jade - Will you meet me behind the propane filling station wearing a supermarket cashier apron and polar-bear mittens?

Virani - Merci, mon petite chou-chou.

THOR's - Why haven't you wished me Happy Birthday yet? I'm baffled. (I'M JUST JOKING! I KEED, I KEED YOU! I GIVE YOU A HARD TIME BECAUSE YOU'RE LIKE FAMILY TO ME. and I love your paintings too).

On 2005-05-11 17:30, Monkeyman wrote:

Happy 50th Birthday Sabu

Curse You, Monkeyman!!! When are we going to bring our performance of South Pacific to Broadway? I think the whole world deserves to see your version of "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair".

Thankyou all again. Honestly, your posts made my day. I love you all.

Sabu The 42-year-old Coconut Boy.


:drink: :drink: :drink:

HAve a blast, Sabu the tiki boy!

I wished you a happy birthday last night in the Tiki-Ti thread, but since I see there's an official one, what the hell, you deserve more than just one "happy birthday" from me...I'm with Monkeyman ("nice guys finish first"), and you're certainly one of the nicest people I have the pleasure to know (not to mention possessing a wealth of interesting info you're always ready to share).
Mazal Tov,

[ Edited by: kick_the_reverb on 2005-05-12 13:15 ]

Feliz cumpleanos, Sabu!

(Sorry it's a day late. Different time zo- oh, wait - never mind.) Anyway, have a great birthday month (stretch it out - why limit it to one day??)



Hau 'oli la hanau!


HAppyHappyHappy Birthday Sabu the great> May your days be filled with maiTai's and Tikis and Lots of empty concrete bags.


Happy Birthday!! I spose you could consider that little Tiki a Bday gift as well as thanks for the Pele mug.

Whoops! A day late, but I blame the time difference. Happy Birthday Sabu! A pint of nut brown ale will be hoisted in your direction tonight from the Black Bull Inn, Chatburn UK.

Trader Woody

whe i get a chance i'll photoshop sabu wearing fubu in a subaru.

Happy Birthday SABU. I hope to meet you one day. Have a great weekend!

THOR's - Why haven't you wished me Happy Birthday yet? I'm baffled.

That's laff-out-loud funny!

Happy Belated B-Day Sabu. I don't know ya, but you seem to be a good guy.

Happy Birthday Sabu!! Sorry I'm a little late. Still recouperating from the Tiki Oasis. It was so nice to finally meet you in person. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

All The Best,

Dammit, sorry I missed it but HAPPY NUDE YEAR SABU.....OH wait a minute that's what tikifish would say, not me. Happy Birthday braddah!!! You're 50 too? I'm not alone.


To appreciate beauty is to live in bliss!

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Holy crud! Look what I missed!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite Huckleberry....

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