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Witco call to LA Tiki Centralites

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I am looking for Witco Tiki statues to photograph for my book because I am not satisfied with the ones I have assembled from collector friends so far. I have more than enough wallhangings, but am lacking in statuary. I need to shoot them in my basement, though, so I can only use statuary available within my driving range.
Any Los Angelinos have or know of any?



I'm not a Los Angeleno but I scanned a couple of polaroids of a friend's Witco lamp and tiki. As you may recall, I mentioned them to you when I met you the last time I was in Palm Springs and LA (earlier this month). Here's the link:


You can come up to Oakland any time and photograph them! I'm sure we could find you a place to stay with a tiki central member.

I have the Witco bar kit already featured in the BOT. Bar with front shield and two Tiki bar stools. I am sure this is not a rare item but available if needed.

...the lamp is nice (it needs a bigger shade)...can't afford to travel for just a few pieces...also can't bring the lights I need for shooting with me.

The bar sounds great, but the bars are best represented in their original catalog settings the way you see them in in my book, those images will form the core of my new book. Nothing can equal those original shag carpeted, veneer walled sets with Lancer wine bottles as props on the bars.... What I am searching for are just Tiki or "Primitic" statuettes, to shoot close ups.

I could always pose next to the bar with sideburns holding a Lancers bottle. :drink:

Hey Bigbro, you're weclome to come over and take a look at the Comfy Chair, possibly the most uncomfortable chair ever built. It looks extremely witco, not a tiki tiki, but I've never seen another one like it.
Gimme an email, or a call.

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