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I got to drive a race car!

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hewey posted on Sat, May 14, 2005 5:30 PM

I got to drive a race car!

It was a late birthday present. I got 6 laps of a local racetrack (about 10 minutes drive time all up). For my fellow revheads I drove a modified Ford Falcon (4 door family sedan here in Australia, about the same size as the new Pontiac GTO, which is also made here). It was running a 289ci V8 putting out about 430hp, with a 5 speed manual. I got to a top speed of approximately 110mph. She was definitely a bit quicker than my daily driver – a standard ’72 beetle! And jeez, didn’t it sound good!

The car was fully stripped out and had a cage as per standard race car construction. There was a instructor with me who just guided you towards stuff like the apex of the turn, when to turn in etc. There was also a in-car camera, and the video is tops.

If you get the chance to do anything like this I strongly recommend it!


That's awesome! I would love to drive that fast, but my Saturn starts to shake at 90!

Wish I had seen this sooner; sale ends soon.


Not NASCAR fan but my friends put up with my Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers, Mitsubishi Lions, British Columbia Lions. So. I reciprocate attending races. We opted for solo. I purchased optional insurance. Quite expensive but it is one thing to say we have driven a race car. How many of us can say she wrecked a race car?

I recommend longer times. A few laps goes by in a heartbeat on historic Milwaukee Mile. According to stopwatch, averaged very respectable. Originally for horses. Definitely not Daytona.

Road America of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin has track days; however, my summer car is roadster. Coupe with rollcage required. I swapped out computer chip. Not performance chip. Governor limiting speed to 155mph. Now she goes pretty fast. As responsible adult on public roads we will never find out. But it is nice to know I can outrun police if I should ever rob a bank.

Believe track days for motorcycles, too. Maybe will try that.

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