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Aku Tiki Inn, Daytona

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How Tiki is it?

I have been wanting to go on a little trip just to get away, and I would check this place out, but I saw a picture of the pool area and it did not look very Tiki.

Has anyone been there?

As stated previously, here is the best site for info on tiki POI (points of interest). http://www.tydirium.net/
The Aku Tiki and The Hawaiian Inn are a block apart on the beach. Both are very worthwhile visits from an urban archeology standpoint, but be sure to read the sections in the book of tiki about polynesian pop architecture and Witco before you go. Unfortunately, neither hotel has a functioning Tiki bar anymore. Look for the Witco carvings and furniture, and catch the luau and hula show at the Hawaiian Inn on the weekends. The show is a relic by itself.


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