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Tiki sighting on TV

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Okay, I'm revealing WAY too much about myself here, but on last week's Gilmore Girls, there was some major tiki bar action. A kooky new neighbor (why are they always kooky?) moved in next to Loreli's house. When he greeted her outside, he had one of those "drink shirts" on, you know, the Hawaiian one with the tropical drinks on it? Even had a tiki on it. I thought, "Hey look, a tiki!". Later in the show they go inside his house to take care of his plants while he's away, and it's a full-on kitsch museum. At the center of it all is a tiki bar with at least 3 large tikis around it, one of them about 6 feet tall, and shelves full of tiki mugs around it. I think there was even a pufferfish lamp or a glass ball float. They stayed there a couple of minutes, showing the kitschy decor.

Sadly, I think they made some kind of Buffet reference to the decor (which is unusual since they have such smart music choices on the show), but I'm not sure who's song lyrics they were quoting in describing the decor.

Also, sadly, the guy is a creepy, annoying weirdo, which doesn't exactly put his tiki fetish in a positive light. I'm sure they will show the interior in future episodes, and it's a good show that you should be watching anyways. :D

A few weeks ago was a rerun of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with a clip of Zander's house from last season's opera singing episode. In the background I saw lights and palm thatch. I was curious... then the cameras panned and exposed a full tiki bar complete with shelves holding at least 50 tiki mugs...


This weekend while watching a few NFL games, I spotted a glimpse of a tiki in a beer commercial. I believe it was a Miller Lite spot (they play it quite often) and the story line has a guy telling his buddies and others at this party, about a recent date. The guy then tells how his date got really wild, doing some belly dancing in a restaurant, and when he mentions her name, one of the guys listening to the story says "that's my sister". Anyhow, if you pay attention close towards the end of the commercial, you can see a carved tiki in the background. Looks similar in style to a Mai Tiki carving with the pineapple on the head. Pretty cool to see a tiki in a commercial even if it was only a glimpse.

On 2002-10-26 15:25, Tiki-bot wrote:
Sadly, I think they made some kind of Buffet reference to the decor (which is unusual since they have such smart music choices on the show), but I'm not sure who's song lyrics they were quoting in describing the decor.

The music in question was "Midnight at the Oasis", I caught the episode of the "Gilmore girls" with the tiki bar today.


Yeah I am a Gilmore Girls geek ---the episode is from season 3 episode 5 titled "Eight O'Clock at The Oasis".

If you google you can find links to watch online.



In case you havent seen this episode we just watched it again on Fancast.

Here is a link :


Years ago, I used to joke about people who would join TC then quickly offer up these two amazing facts:

1)They saw tikis on Gilmore Girls.

2)Spongebob's neighbor Squidward lives in a tiki.

I hate to admit it, but I have Gilmore Girls on sort of a perpetual loop at my house. It's my background noise when I'm cooking or cleaning or making templates, etc.

Anyway, Season 3 is currently in the DVD player, so I thought I'd offer up a few crappy screencaps.

But first, Tiki-bot's 7 year old reference to a possible Jimmy Buffett reference was slightly off. Although in a previous episode Lorelai is in Luke's closet picking out a shirt for him to wear, comes across a Jimmy Buffett shirt and very appropriately gives him shit for it. Good girl, Lorelai. I never quite looked at Luke the same way after that moment.

So Lorelai and Rory walk into Dwight's house, having been conned into water his African violets as well as his lawn. (Please don't get on my case about the dialog because I'm doing this from memory, and I'm therefore paraphrasing.)

Lorelai walks into the house and says: Someone took the lounge craze way too seriously.

Rory asks: Hey. Why don't we have a tiki bar?

Lorelei replies: Because we are not two wild and crazy guys.

Rory says: But you like pina coladas.

Lorelai: And getting lost in the rain.

So it's actually a Rupert Holmes reference.

Justin Tanner wrote this episode, so I can't really blame this on Amy Sherman-Palladino as much as I'd like to.

This first shot shows Dwight's bar. Plenty of mugs on that wall and a nice big OA tiki.

Next is a shot of the giant fish tank.

Different angle on the bar.

Lorelai gets a phone call from a man (played by Mad Men's Jon Hamm) who she met at an auction a few days earlier. He asks her to see David Bowie with him the following week and to dinner the following evening. Rory says that she thinks this place is lucky. Then the weird hula cuckoo clock goes off and sings the line "Eight o'clock at the Oasis," and Lorelai says that creepy might be a better word.

Another day, Rory goes back in to water the plants, and we see a shot of the Mai Tiki.

There's another OA rental.

This house is full of tchotchkes. Oy with the poodles already!

Familiar bar shelves in the background.

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