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Apple Valley Mobile Ranchos Trailer Park, Apple Valley, CA

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Name: Apple Valley Ranchos Trailer Park
Type: other
Street: 21922 Ottawa Road
City: Apple Valley
State: CA
Zip: 92308
country: USA
Status: Operational

I have spoke of the Tiki to my friends and have sent them out as tiki-hounds hunting for any and all things tiki. One of my best pupils and friends (he goes by DP) called me last week and told me of a small desert trailer park that had a big tiki secret. I dashed over and there it was, TIKI! A small trailer park, built in 1964 (I think) clean, quiet and quaint. Nothing remains tiki but the sign that is hidden beind some very large Oleander bushes, Oh! and there is an old oil painting of swaying palm trees that hang above the sinks in the laundry room, probably painted by an old tenant of the park (very sweet) It's funny that DP and I grew up by, drove by, played by (it's next to a park) this property most of our lives and never knew is't little tiki secret! A big MAHALO Tiki Hound DP!

View from the road.

are those spears? closer...closer...look at the ancient bamboo frame around the sign

[ Edited by: DawnTiki 2006-08-13 12:34 ]

What a great tiki, and he looks to be in good shape. From the street side, you would have never guessed he was there. Great find DP and thanks for the photos Dawn.

DP.... as in DeeP Tiki, the clandestine tiki informant?

Good work, fine show...top notch.

It's deceptive how much of that kooky theme stuff was around little desert towns. I know in Desert Hot Springs (Now a slum) there were some great mobile home parks that were weekend get-away for folks in OC and LA.

Indio used to lean hard on the Arabic look too...

Since the Fish "n" Brew Ship-Building in Joshua Tree burned down (the new one in Yucca has no charachter) there isn't much left.

Have you stopped in Spunky Monky for a java in Morongo?

Gigantalope wrote:

Have you stopped in Spunky Monky for a java in Morongo?

Nope not yet, my son and I will stop on one of our many summer geocaching jaunts we have in the works!
I'll be sure to wear my favorite nail polish shade Funky Monkey for the excursion...as far as Desert Hot Springs being a slum now, it's a shame that the community hasn't embraced those great old quirky, themed motels that covered the hillside and tried harder to keep them alive.

Purple Jade wrote:

DP.... as in DeeP Tiki, the clandestine tiki informant?

and speaking of Funky Monkey I'll PM you PJ what DP really stands for :wink:

[ Edited by: DawnTiki on 2005-05-21 22:56 ]

By golly...that Tiki is made out of steel! No wonder it's in such good shape...


I was surprised to see his face paint was in such good shape.
At first I had thought that the tiki on the sign was a add on since the sign's lettering looks sort of swiss chalet-ie, and the shingled A-frame seemed kind of chalet-ie too.
But the manager told me that the sign hasn't been altered, I was inclined to believe her because of the shape the bamboo frame was in.
And the spears on the top of the frame certainly aren't swiss.
At first I was bummed it wasn't a wooden tiki, but after seeing the frame of the sign I was kind of relieved it was made out of metal, becuse thats the only reason it's held up so long.
The park manager said the trailer park has been under the same ownership forever.
She also mentioned that they moved out of the park a few years ago, I wonder if they took any tiki's with them?

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