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Interesting article in the LA Times about a Hawaiian / Las Vegas link.


Someone needs to send this to Michael Tsao. Sounds like a good place to reopen the Kahiki.

Interesting article. When I was in Sin-City last week, Hula Hula mentioned something similar to this article. Apparantly, many Hawaiians have migrated to Vegas because their main industry is tourism, just like Hawaii's. As such, many businesses have opened (such as Hawaiian eateries, etc) to cater to the influx of Islanders.

What a sad and cruel fate, be forced to leave Hawaii and live in a god-forsaken blast furnace of white-trash.


Not a Blast Furnace of White Trash at all!

More like a Bong Load of Pimps and Ho's, really. And I don't mean Ho as in Don.

Home to Shag's largest original painting, though. And one of the great Rum selections of any bar in the world. A place where the term "Last Call" is taboo. A place where, if you ask for a drink on the rocks, the server will ask if you want ice in it.

No 'squitos, or fleas, or ticks, or fire ants, so it's outdoor tiki drinking all year round.

Home of the world's largest "Volcano Mug" at the Mirage.

A complex city based on whichever God of Vice you worship!

Sabina posted on Mon, Jan 6, 2003 1:54 PM

Just stumbled across this- http://www.wherelasvegaseats.com/viewcategory.php?categoryid=55

Don't know if any of our local Vegas TCers have checked any of these places out, or if TC visitors can take a peek, but I thought I'd at least mention it.


Aloha kitchen is da best got da kine pig,lau lau, saimin, spam musubi ho da ono kine grinds.


California Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Category IV - Other (Hotel)
TiPSY Factor: 1

The hotel of choice for Pacific Islanders in Las Vegas, the Cal is host to over 100,000 visiting islanders per year (the resident Pacific Islander population in Las Vegas is estimated at 80,000 - some Hawaiians refer to Las Vegas as "The Ninth Island"). Look for video poker machines with Hawaiian-themed names such as Shaka Five Way, Diamond Head, and No ka 'oi (The Very Best), dealers in Aloha shirts, a stand selling Lappert's Hawaiian ice cream, and a coffee shop serving traditional Hawaiian favorites like saimin noodles, oxtail soup and mahi-mahi sandwiches. Guests can buy Honolulu newspapers, dried mango and beef jerky, and T-shirts emblazoned with frogs (a symbol of good fortune in Hawaii). Asian Pacific alumni of high schools on Maui and the Big Island attend class reunions in the hotel's O'hana and Maile rooms. The hotel co-sponsors a two-day Lei Day festival adjacent to the hotel every May. The room and meals package for Pacific Islanders is $110.

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