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Royal Hawaiian, Baker, CA (motel)

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Name:Royal Hawaiian
Street:200 West Baker Blvd

This is on the road between Los Angeles and Vegas. Baker is one of those places where you stop to get gas and a snack before moving on.

Snapped the pix after a few days 4 wheeling in Death Valley, but we didn't stay there.

The Royal Hawaiian is just down the road from the Alien Fresh Jerky store, and the world's largest thermometer.


I don't know why but the old image links don't work. A few weeks ago a friend of mine stopped on his way to Vegas and took these shots for me. My scanner isn't feeling well so I had to take a picture of a picture to post them.

stopped by about 7 yrs ago...didn't stay, just passin' thru..I believe it's just across the street from the world famous "bun boy" burger stand...a 60's knock-off of the the old bob's big boy stands...complete with their own bun boy character....watch out for the burgers...they come back to haunt you somethin' fierce!!!

Hi all -
I took a road trip to Vegas last week, celebrating my "liberation" from my former rotten employer....and we stopped in Baker for breakfast along the way. Look what we found out in the desert!

Arne's Royal Hawaiian Motel - with your genial hosts, Jim & Renée!
I only found one lonely tiki...

I have no idea if there are more tikis on the property, the lovely ladies at the desk said there were not, and I didn't have the time to really check it out.

Lastly - here's a little game I tried at Binion's, of course it gobbled up my money as quickly as I put it in the damn thing.... I think this slot machine may have been discussed here before - but I'm stuck at home on dial-up, so I don't think I'll do a search just now.

Well crap! And I thought I just discovered this guy! Oh well - here's a few pics of my own from last week...


They moved the tiki away from the building apparently - he used to by by the doorway and was 'secured' to a fake palm tree in a pot (being used as a trashcan) with a piece of twine. No other tikis about the place, I can verify that, so he's definitely a lonely lil' guy.

(The only $$ I've put into the "Tiki Torch" machine was picking up the back glass at a flea market many moons ago.)

That's sweet!

Thanks for sharing


Nice pictures Tangaroa and my friend totally missed the Tiki Slot Machine! My friend who took the pictures for me played with color saturation in photoshop trying to get that surreal vintage postcard vibe. I love the effect!

How Funny! the wife and I were just out vegas way a few weeks ago and we stopped to eat at the Mad Greek and ran into this same place. I swear we took the exact same pictures! I was going to add mine to tiki places, but never got around to it...thanks for the post tanga, I hope you had a fun celebration of freedom...those are always good!

Mahalo for the tiki tip and photos.

I always thought that place had tiki possibility, but I never bothered to inspect. Now I will definitely have to check it out next time I make the (long) drive.

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I'm going to have to go and check it out when I'm there next!

My brother and I stopped and took pictures on our way to Vegas...

Wow, it's till there, what a time warp. The long shot really makes it look like an oasis. Thank You.

I had forgotten about that place.
saw it a few years ago, when we were going to Las Vegas to see Satan's Pilgrims.
We had gotten off for gas, and as we were driving down the road, I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and yelled pull in here.
they said, whoooa what are you freaking out about?

then as we drove around it,I said its not amazing, but look its vaguely



Stopped bye several days ago on a road trip to Henderson for business.I had not seen this thread until today .Based on prior posts the place was operational up til 2009 or 2010.When I walked around the grounds , you would have thought it had been closed for many years.Most of the rooms and club house have been gutted .Looks like this could have been a cool place back in the day.The tiki has been removed or stolen which doesn't surprise me,and the palm trees are all brown and dieing .If I had my skateboard with me and there wasn't so much crap thrown in the deep end , I would have had field day skating the pool all to myself !


A few more photos of the derelict Royal Hawaiian Motel. Still for sale as of February 2014.

Larger and additional images on my Flickr page:

Very nice!

Just stopped by today, A door was open on the main building, Peered inside but totally trashed, Looked an amazing place seeing from old photos, Probably won't be there much longer, What a shame

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