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Remember Memorial Day

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No matter what you political persuasion, or idiology, please take a moment today to remember those that serve to defend our nation.

It's to our nation's officers as well as the grunts directing the business end of war that we owe our freedom.

Thank you.

Well said Bong.


this could get very ugly and against my better judgment....... but....


throwing caution to the wind.... at least it's not religion.... that's the next post.....

I was kickin' back at the crib on Memorial Day sippin' a cold one, enjoyin' the day and spinnin' tunes. I had no problem listening to Country Joe & the Fish's "Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag" and "Maria" back to back with Merle Haggard's "Oakie From Muskogie" and "Fightin' Side Of Me". It's the Jungian thing...the duality of man...the Yin vs. the Yang. I think I relate best to the Anarchists and Dada movement of the 1920's. To quote the late National Lampoon editor Doug Kenny when asked in a Playboy Magazine interveiw about his political views - "If you can't f#ck it, blow it up!"


If I must say so, Merle's "Fightin Side of Me" brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear it.

My uncle Mike enlisted in the Marines as a young man. He did two tours of duty on the ground in Vietnam. Part of his second tour he was as a tunnel rat. Uncle Mike has be gone now for a few years. He was a proud man who was very proud to serve his country as he is greatly missed. I will be thinking of him today and please thank a veteran and shake their hand when you meet one. It's a very small gesture that can mean so much.


Well said Trav....never forget those who have in the past and those who still make freedom possible. A nod above to my late great Dad, a Pearl Harbor survivor.

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Thinkng of all of you men & women, who have & are serving currently
And a shout out to my nephew currently on the USS Nimitz!

On 2017-05-28 13:26, King Bushwich the 33rd wrote:

Very good King B.

A salute for all our brothers and sisters who have gone ahead.

I have walked through more cemeteries than I can count over the years. Mainly I've done this in search of my family roots but I also have a love of history. This time of year you can't help but notice the flags placed on the graves of veterans. Be it a large mega cemetery or a tiny family plot in the country I always see flags. From the oldest stone that can no longer be read to brand new stones there are flags. Veterans groups place these flags to honor those who have served and passed on. After all of the picnics and mattress sales today are done and your on your way home and pass a cemetery take a moment and notice all of the flags. The memories of these people are what this holiday is for.


Thank you to all who gave some and to those who gave all.



On 2018-05-26 20:49, tikiskip wrote:
Thank you to all who gave some and to those who gave all.


Right on Skip...never forget those who have in the past and those who still make freedom possible.



We are so lucky that we have enough food and are safe with no bombs and bullets flying around us that we have time to post on TC about such unimportant things like white walls and if this or that is tiki.

I often feel guilty for all the blessings we have.

Thank you to those who help make that happen everyday, and keep us safe.
And those who did so over the years.

We would not be ok without our military and those who keep the law.


Hamo posted on Mon, May 30, 2022 11:11 PM

Trader Vic's sent the following email Monday morning:

This Memorial Day we wanted to share a little history about Victor "Trader Vic" Bergeron. In 1970, the department of the Navy recognized his many years of service to wounded and disabled veterans. Being an amputee himself, this was something close to his heart.


Department of the Navy
Meritorious Public Service Citation
To Victor J. Bergeron
For services set forth in the following
For outstanding contribution to the Department of the Navy in areas of personal and internal affairs. During the past 25 years, Mr. Bergeron has given unstintingly of his time and effort in the furthering of the Navy’s personnel and internal affairs, specifically in the area of morale. As a result of his unselfish contributions of entertainment and refreshments at some of the world's most famous restaurants, hundreds of wounded Navy and Marine Corps personnel, many of them permanently disabled, have been greatly assisted in an adjustment to a new life. Additionally, Mr. Bergeron has brought happiness into many families by using his personal aircraft to bring patients and their families together. He has never sought recognition for these valuable services. In fact, he has shunned any public mention of his activities at the Naval Hospital, Oakland, California. Mr. Bergeron’s interest and personal involvement in the rehabilitation of wounded and disabled Naval personnel have been of immeasurable benefit to the Navy. In recognition and appreciation of his valuable service and of his patriotic devotion to the United States, this award is approved. June 19th, 1970

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