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Great Experience at Hala Kahiki, Chicago!

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Aloha all! Now I've read some comments here about those that have visited Hala Kahiki and I approached with caution, but let me tell you I had a great time! There are sooo many tikis! Cool gift shop also, added another mug to my small collection. Any mug in the Midwest that I don't have to mail order is great. The drinks I heard were watered down... Ours were not too bad... I had a Squall and then after our first round my girl and I ordered "The Tiki" bowl... not bad. Prices were reasonable I thought, considering a margarita in Milwaukee is $5 and these drinks were $3.95 and 10 for the bowl. I was just so stoked to be in my first tiki bar. I went nuts and took 80 some digital pics, sans flash so as not to upset the atmosphere. Both waitress I talked with were real friendly and encouraged my photos and gave us a little history behind the place. Were were early at 8 pm but by 10 or so it was really getting packed in, so if you go on a Saturday, go early, stay late. Amazing Witco (is that spelled right?)collection, especially the fountain which I'm pretty sure is his. I read some other comments about the mugs in the gift shop... there are many and prices are between $7 and $8... tikis also by Mai Tiki of Florida... I like his work...
All in all, a great time had by us...


I was just so stoked to be in my first tiki bar.

That's pretty cool, Hala Kahiki for your first Tiki bar experience, congrats. Some are not so lucky. Me? That would be Dad, dressed in his Mr Lucky shirt, at his wet-bar pulling together another barrel of his "artillery punch". BOOM! :o

He was old-school Tiki. Mr Bali Hai his personal idol.


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