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Tiki Car

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My buddy Jack's car is on the cover of the new CK Deluxe mag. It's a restored Woody with a few tiki customizations like resin tiki heads for blinkers on the sides of the car, a tiki for a gear shift, and little tiki heads for knobs on the dashboard.


There was a little discussion in here regarding a tiki trailer that was at the Aloha Cruz show back in 01. I couldn't find the original thread so I'm posting the pics here instead. I went ahead and included other pics from Da Show in case anyone else might like to see them.

The Bamboo Trailer

Note the bamboo bead curtain entrance.

Shot facing the front of the trailer.

Shot facing the rear of the trailer.

Tiki Mug Vendors

Assorted mugs in a bamboo rack suitable for display in your polynesian room.

Starlite Room's offerings from the 2001 show.

The Candy Man of Tiki Mug dealers!

Rattan Furnishings

Inside one of the many rooms at Aloha Cruz.

Sofas for the Polynesian Room.

Bamboo Bar and matching floor lamps for sale.

Oh man I think i just felt sexual gratification when I saw that bamboo trailer. I am so very ashamed.

That bamboo trailer is amazing! Would love to take that to Hukilau next year!

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