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FluffGirl Burlesque "Jungle Exotica" US Tour Announcement

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has been producing an Annual 'Jungle Exotica' Summer Tiki Themed show for 7 years in Canada.

The Fluffgirls will be on tour this Summer
in Late July/ Early August in Select USA Cities with their HOT New Revue!

Stay Posted for all Tour Dates & Performer News.

Jungle Exotica:
A seasonal favorite, this show is perfect for the hot summer months when people are in the mood to get lei'ed! This lavish Tiki themed show creates a tropical atmosphere anywhere and can be performed
outdoors as well as in house. With a mixture of fire acts, bamboo,
buxom beauties, palm trees and burlesque strip teasers who make bras
out of their coconuts, this show is sure to create a volcanic
eruption of excitement.


Jamio Designs (jamio.com)-Taboo Tiki and Kustom Kulture Art

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Image from the Fluffgirls art work page

Great bunch of gals!
Plus, they make the best nipple tassels.


Now that's what tiki is all about for me! FluffGirls!!! D_g bless America!

p.s. aloha bros, they're canadian!

Canadian, Iranian, Australian, Peruvian... it's all good. The way I figure it is that if they are happy, I'm happy!!!

These Canadians should, of course, be welcomed warmly as they step onto American soil. Geez, it gets cold up there.


wow, that great that someone posted our info
on 'Jungle Exotica' even before I made my way here. thanx!!!


From one Canadian to another : Welcome to Tc, hope to see more of you ... wait that didnt sound right . Ah well , Welcome.


Hi there, our tour still has some open dates to fill.
If anyone is into having the show perform
please let us know.
[email protected]

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