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Tahiti Village, Key Largo, FL (restaurant)

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Name:Tahiti Village
City:Key Largo

I know very little about this venue, which consisted of a restaurant, floating outrigger bar, gift huts, tropical cruise ship, and of course, Polynesian shows. The brochure pictured below was sent to me by the manager of the Polynesian show back in the early 80s. The Village burned to the ground (mysteriously) and was razed in the late 80s. I have invited the person who sent me the info to stop in to TC and perhaps give us more info. Does anyone else remember this great looking place and have stories?

This is a picture of the front and back of the brochure

Here is a link to a larger image. https://home.comcast.net/~clubtiki/tahvil.jpg

A picture of the inside of the brochure

Here is a link to a larger image. https://home.comcast.net/~clubtiki/tahvil1.jpg

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On 2005-06-14 06:46, tikigreg wrote:
The Village burned to the ground (mysteriously) and was razed in the late 80s.

Cool find, Greg! This is the first I heard of such a place but the story on it's fate is very 'Goodfellas.' I hope someone out there has some more info on it.

Catcha later.

You deserve a medal. Never, ever heard of this one before. I'll ask Wayne at the Hawaiian Inn if he knows about it, or who the performers were. Great brochure. It was probably burned by Parrotheads.

Hi my name is Tara...I lived down the street from Tahiti Village when I was in my teens. I worked there for a short time as a hostess at 16. I remember I wore very short shorts and got a free shift drink at the end of the night. It was a very hopping place for both locals and tourists.

Hi: My name is Joe G ( for now.) I worked at Tahiti Village between 1980 and 1982. The owner's first name was Bob but cant remember his last name at the moment. When I was sent down there I began working with a guy named Dave to rewire and ready a 77 ft steel hulled paddle boat. Some of the performers from Tahiti and whose names I remember are; Kyeva -a fire dancer and very cool individual. Ivalani - singer, dancer and drop-dead gorgeous girl. Rene' was the house chef, and he was also from Tahiti.

While open, and running, the place was Paradise on earth in the U.S. After work I'd hang with some of the family (Fire Dancers), and was invited to take part in their outrigger races and it was the real deal too! They taught me how to snatch lobster from rocks without losing a hand, cook and most important, relax while enjoying life.

The restaurant featured a fantastic Luau buffet with tour groups bused in daily. Mostly elderly people. They were greeted on arrival with traditional song and fire dance, both of which were so fantastic.

The place closed in 1984 due to the owner's drinking problems and other issues that I cannot - or wont ever mention. It went into the hands of an Englishman, who didn't know how to handle business at all and the place was later turned into an underwater hotel. I think in about 1990 or so, it was converted into an underwater research center, of which is still operating to date.

I am so sorry that I lost touch with everyone. I should have gone to Tahiti with them when I had the chance. My last contact was with chef Rene' in about 1986. He was working several months a year at the Yankee Clipper Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. There was never an entertaining restaurant such as Tahiti Village in the Florida Keys ever again. I did the electrical work at Italian Fisherman for John Baiamonte and that never even came close.


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